Katha Ankhahee 17th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 17th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 17th May 2023 Written Episode

Amita asks Viaan if he has someone, wants to tell or not. Amita feels little pain. Viaan figures that its Braxton Hicks contraction, Amita asks if he is in relationship with a gynecologist. Viaan tells that his lead architect Katha made him realize that he knows nothing about children. Keith asks about Katha, tells that she was more worried about his problem. Keith considers Katha a good person. Amita notices Viaan blushing.

Katha comes out of a meeting, sees her message, and calls Aarav’s school. The teacher informs Katha that Aarav has been crying, he isn’t telling anyone anything. Katha asks if he got into a fight, the teacher assures that Aarav hasn’t been in a fight. Katha will reach the school in a while; she wishes to speak to Aarav. The teacher informs us that his grandfather is here, in the previous incident Katha put Mr. Garewal’s name as the second Guardian. The teacher gives Mr. Garewal the phone, Aarav keeps crying. Katha asks him about Aarav. Mr. Garewal thinks that Aarav is in some tension, he is taking him home.

Viaan places a cushion behind Amita to help her get comfortable. Keith tells Amita that he got a call from studio, the song needs to be recorded now. Amita asks him to go now, it wont be allowed after delivery. Keith cannot leave her alone; the doctor has given her weeks’ time for delivery. Viaan offers to stay, asks for gynecologist number for emergency and hospital kit bag, from books and internet Viaan knows about labor pain and maternity care. Amita is shocked, asks Keith to leave since she is in safe hands. Keith leaves threatening Viaan to take care of his wife. Viaan asks Amita to tell if she needs anything. Amita makes him sit to tell about his love story, she asks about her Kavita. Viaan corrects, tis Katha, Amita can read a person’s face in love because she has been in love herself. She can see the shine in Viaan’s eyes on Katha’s name.

Everyone is trying to comfort Aarav. Katha comes to Aarav; he hugs and apologize to her immediately. Katha questions him about it. Kavita has been asking him for it, Yuvraj knows that Aarav would speak to his mother. Aarav tells Katha that he forgot everything in his paper though he revised everything. Katha comforts him. Aarav cries that his percentage will get low, Kavita tells tha one exam won’t affect the whole percentage. Aarav questions, tells that those bad marks become a habit. Yuvraj tells Aarav that he never got good marks, thought he would take the topper place if he topped. Mr. Garewal used to beat him for it but look at him now running the family business. Mr. Garewal tells that he was like Yuvraj as well, still succeeded in building an empire. Aarav questions, if he wont get good grade, he won’t get admission in a good college, wont get a good job and paid enough to take care of Katha. Katha tells that he is worrying about the future too much, should go back home and talk about it this over ice cream. Yuvraj invites Aarav to a new board game that Arna and Kiara are waiting to play with their big brother.
Viaan reads Amita his poetry while giving her fruits to eat. Amita couldn’t understand anything but call it beautiful to wait for someone unconditionally. He wants to experience fatherhood to understand Katha’s child. Amita tells that there is a difference in experiencing fatherhood and being a good father. Viaan asks Amita what she and Keith are feeling. It is a unique feeling with excitement and horror, wonders when they grew responsible enough to create a new life. She feels that there is going to be a long test she has no answers for, everything will change after birth, life would revolve around their child but that the beauty of this journey, they are ready for this roller coaster. Viaan is in awe, its like listening to your heart and acting on it. Amita agrees, its exactly similar to his situation in Katha’s case, if Viaan listens to his heart nothing will stop him from being a good parent. Viaan worries because in love life, his decisions regarding Katha would affect her only but in parenting it would effect another life, he worries about being wrong.

Vanya labels items in jars, recalls Viaan calling her generation better in moving on and then asking about moving on from complaints with a loved one. Her uncle questions him, she tells him what Viaan said. She realizes that Viaan might have negative thoughts about her mother and wanted to forgive him. He doesn’t know that Seema is a victim like him as well. Vanya needs to do everything to get Viaan’s mentorship to find an opportunity to communicate with him.

Teeji tells Farah that their doubt on Viaan has been resolved, Viaan is not digging into his past anymore. Farha questions, tells that Viaan wont tell her. Teeji has been keeping an eye on him. Farah asks if he is still looking into old files or not. Teeji clarifies tells that the other day Viaan told her that they will no longer in the past. Teeji shares another issue, Viaan is going crazy about Katha though she refused him. Teeji found Viaan searching how to be a good father. Farah bursts into laughter, asks her not to worry, internet offers solution but no experience about life. Farah is sure that Viaan will be back to square one in no time.

Katha tells Kavit and Mr. Garewal that she noticed Aarav being under stress, she tried to talk him out of it but maybe he couldn’t speak to her. Mr. Garewal asks her to keep taking to her, it’s part of learning. Kavita says that children need constant guidance. Katha blames Aarav’s school culture for it, she knew about the institute being result orientated, but she does not prefer her child being that stress over studies. Katha will talk to Aarav’s teacher. Mr. Garewal offers to pick and drop Aarav for school, it would be a good change for him. Kavita thinks that Aarav should spend some time with his grandparents, family would help him. Reet hears the conversation.

Katha comes to Neera after putting Aarav to bed. Katha agrees with Neerja saying that Aarav is in his stress phase. She has homeschooled Aarav for a long time, used to conduct tests as well. Neerja asks Katha what to do next. Katha will talk to the teacher in an upcoming parent teacher meeting, better marks come from better understanding not from pressurizing. Schools need to understand that knowledge should not cost children their health and, should focus on their happiness as well.

PRECAP: Reet tells everyone that Katha couldn’t give Aarav the attention he needed because she was busy somewhere else. Yuvraj questions. Reet tells that it could be about Viaan. Viaan feels the baby’s kick. He agrees with Katha at that moment, that a parent needs to connect with their child prior to their birth. Batman tells Robin about his teacher saying that a student’s success depends on this grade. Robin disagrees with that behavior, considers it wrong for teachers to pressurize students. Robin will talk to Batman’s teachers today, Katha hears Viaan talking to Aarav.

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