Katha Ankhahee 24th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 24th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 24th May 2023 Written Episode

Viaan searches a tutorial on how to change a baby’s diaper. He listens to the instruction properly, the smell of the diaper hits Viaan hard. He changes the diaper and the baby stops crying for a minute, feels like an achievement tha only lasted for a minute because the baby starts crying again. He picks the baby. Viaan calls an agency to send him nanny for an hour but was unsuccessful. He calls Ehsan who could hear the baby crying from over the phone. Viaan loves the baby, he came to babysit, Amrita went to sleep, and Keith is at work. Viaan asks Ehsan to give him a nanny’s number, Ehsan question as if he has the numbers on speed dial. Viaan requests. Ehsan has experience in other kinds of babies. Viaan lures him for a bottle scotch.

Ehsan visits was about to sleep after seeing the baby sleep. Viaan requests him to come inside. Viaan can not understand her needs, he has fed and changed her diapers thrice. Ehsan wonders, he suggests swinging the baby around. Viaan doesn’t hand the baby over because Ehsan was drenched in clone and baby’s sense of smell are sensitive. The try to make the child stop crying, it would have been a cool superpower to understand baby language. Viaan decides to change the diaper, he asks for Ehsan’s help. Ehsan backs off, the diaper stinks. Viaan calls him forward, Ehsan tells him that Viaan is the one who invites trouble while he finds a solution. Ehsan knows an expert in this, he leaves to bring the lady.

Aarav sees off his friends, Neerja invites them to come back for pasta. Aarav’s friends remind him about Dad versus Son basketball match. Aarav looks at Neerja, they ask Aarav to come. He will have to ask permission from his mother first. Neerja went to drop the kids downstairs. Aarav’s friends tells that he will not participate in the match, Aarav question since he has a father. The friend likes cricket more, would skip basketball to play cricket.

Ehsan comes back, Viaan questions. Katha comes from the side. Ehsan introduces them both to each other. Viaan can manage, she sees the baby crying. Ehsan asks Katha to help. Katha took the baby. Ehsan starts drinking, he is tired and sleeping. Viaan tells that Keith is at work due to financial pressure and Amrita is sleeping. Viaan has changed the diaper four times. Katha asks if he applied any oil or cream, puts the baby down to check for rash. She notices that Viaan changed the diaper wrong, she corrects it, further examines to find that baby is having colic pain. Viaan gets depressed for not knowing, Katha clams him, no one knows it for the first time. Viaan will get the car ready. Katha sends him to bring warm water with asafetida. Katha applies it to the belly button, the sooths the baby from behind. Viaan tries it as well, the baby stops crying. Viaan plays with the child. Katha tells that she always believed in children being lie detector, can feel a good and bad touch so one most always talk to babies first. Viaan talks to the baby, promise to take her to Lonavala once she grows up. Katha designed it, she can enjoy and play there. Viaan swings around with the baby in his hand, Katha politely notices him. Viaan wants to clean his nose, but his hands are busy, so Katha helps him. Viaan outs the baby back in her crib, she holds onto his finger. Katha tells that this is the best time for a parent, they have the best thing in world, who can bring a smile to their face despite a hectic day.

PRECAP: Amrita recognizes Katha and hugs her. Katha asks Viaan if he discussed her with his friends. Viaan had to talk to someone, had to share his feelings for Katha with someone. Amrita asks Katha to give Viaan a chance, they will make a rare couple. She can leave if doesn’t approve but do give him a chance.

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