Katha Ankhahee 25th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 25th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 25th May 2023 Written Episode

Katha instructs Viaan how to treat a baby using a doll, she questions Viaan for being busy on his phone, Viaan was making notes. He gets up to check on the baby, and steps on a toy duck. Katha picks up the baby; she helps the baby to go to sleep again. Katha sends Aarav an audio message, Viaan’s constant make Katha ask if he wants something. Viaan doesn’t want to cross the line. Katha allows him to ask about the baby within the limits. Viaan asks how she managed to take care of Aarav alone. Katha tells that Aarav understood with Adtiya’s absence. Aarav never caused any problem; she was freelancer first and used to work all night. Her neighbor, Falguni, helped a lot. At time it was tough, the tears wouldn’t stop but as soon as she picked Aarav world would seem a better place. Viaan can relate now, he knows the feeling of holding a baby in his hand.

Aarav insists Neerja to talk to a friend, he assures that it’s just a call. Neerja wants him to be in bed. Aarav insists, he calls Karan to inform about his absence from the dad’s 11 match because he doesn’t have a dad but why Ranj not coming though he has a father. Karan will ask him.

Viaan shows Katha the baby bag he prepared. Katha asks Viaan if he discussed her with Keith and Amrita. Viaan had to talk to someone, needed to share his feeling with someone, cannot with his mother, Ehsan either gets stressed or jokes about it. Viaan tells that he has been friends with Keith and Amrita since forever, everyone knew that they were meant for each other expect themselves. They are opposites who attract, Keith is similar to Ehsan while Amrita like Viaan. Amrita and Viaan met in school, she shared a lot about herself who he told her about Katha. Viaan wanted to share something about her to someone. Katha asks him to realize that Katha is a mother, Viaan’s employee and above all she has said no. Viaan has no hesitation with Amrita, they are school friends, Viaan’s best friend is an eight-year-old who knows about Katha as well, not the details though. Viaan assures that the new will not leak. Amrita is however excited to meet Katha, she will recognize her. The baby wakes up and so does her mother. Amrita notices Katha sitting, she wasn’t asleep but unconscious. Viaan called an expert to help him, Amrita hugs Katha thanking her for handling her baby. She notices Ehsan sleeping on the couch who must have been put there by Viaan. Amrita apologizes for passing out. Katha offered to make her oats; she must be hungry. Viaan is hungry as well.

Amrita loves oats. Katha tells that it’s a luxury to feed a new mother. Katha made a list when her son used to have colic pain, there are some things to be avoided in this time period. Katha takes Amrita’s number. Amrita can not be more grateful, Katha is a senior mom, asks what she can do for her son. Katha son has his second mother to take care of him, Dodo. Viaan calls Amrita because the baby has wakened up. Amrita appreciates the life for changing Viaan, his serious faced used to scare people.

Viaan picks the baby, asks her to approve of Katha. Katha is magic, real one.

Amrita comes to her baby; she has picked a name for her baby. She has thought of naming her Nina. Katha asks for the meaning. It means hope of love in both Hindi and Arabic. Armita thanks them, she feels fresh now and Keith will be back home. It’s not a one-day job, Viaan assures to visit daily. He wakes up Ehsan, who doesn’t want to go to school. Ehsan wakes up, meets Amrita, and praises her baby. They leave for home, have to drop Katha as well.

Amrita asks Katha to befriend her, she likes Katha. She is an unfiltered person, Viaan is one in million while Katha one in billion. They both are rare; she asks Katha to give him a chance.
On their ride back, Viaan recalls the moments with baby who was all happy after the colic pain ended. She was interested in playing after that. The baby was responding to Katha, it was like she understood. Katha told earlier that baby connects to vibes, it’s better to talk to them so they learn to speak early as well. Viaan didn’t read it in any book. It’s theory versus practical. Viaan will bring gym for Nina with interactive sound and baby attachments to keep her involve so that she learns to speak early. Katha asks him to appoint her for next pitch meeting, Viaan laughs. He apologies to Katha on Ehsan’s behalf for lying to her. Katha doesn’t mind, she is glad to be of help, appreciates Viaan for his efforts.

PRECAP: Katha tells Neerja that Viaan has qualities of being both good man and a father. He has all the qualities he is in search of. Batman questions Robin about coming to club when he is tired, Robin feels fresh after meeting Batman. Aarav tells Katha about Robin’s promise to meet him every day, Robin never breaks a promise.

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