Kavya 6th February 2024 Written Update

Kavya 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Omi scolding Alka and taking her aside. Adi says Santu, put off the fire, we have a puja at home for Kavya. Omi says I have bad fate to have you, I will slap you now. Kavya comes and stops Omi. She says you can’t do anything to Alka, else I will not leave you. Omi goes. Alka says I won’t say thanks, you are the reason for all this. Kavya goes and comes with some balloons and flowers. Alka asks why did you get Paan wala Manohar’s pic here. Kavya says he is Manohar now, and now me, I have troubled you, we will take revenge. She asks Alka to hit the balloons at her and vent her frustration. Alka smiles and vents her anger.

She says your husband loves you, my husband doesn’t see me, you will get a child soon, then you will show off more. Kavya says its okay, I didn’t feel bad, do you feel better. Alka says yes, I feel light. Kavya says I bought this saree for you, I know you aren’t happy with my coming here. She explains Alka. She says we have to see how to keep our relation, by fighting or with love. Alka nods. Kavya says the house has become a battle ground, we can make it a home again, will you support me. Santu says guests have come, Adi is calling Kavya. Kavya goes.

Giriraj talks to the guests. They ask about Kavya. The man says I got the flowers for Kavya. The lady says congrats, she got a gold medal. Adi praises Kavya. Kavya comes and smiles. Adi holds her and dances. Kavya’s family comes. She gets happy and hugs them. Adi says thanks Papa for coming. Rajeev says I just came for Kavya, how far did you reach. Adi thinks how to tell him that the files got burnt. Mayank asks Kavya what was the surprise. Kavya says I will tell you.

She says I want to give a gift to my dad today, I will reopen my elder sister Navya’s file again, I will erase the stains from her name, its my promise. Rajeev smiles. Kavya says it was a punishment for Bansal family, I have seen my dad breaking down every day, he tried to get help, but got no help, I will get all the answers now. They hug. Omi gets shaken. He goes away. Giriraj asks Omi to control himself.

Kavya and Adi do the puja. He fixes the medal on the wall. She gets his article printed. She puts the pic frame on the wall. Adi says you spy on me. They laugh. They all dance on Gore gore mukhde…

Omi argues with Giriraj. He gets angry. Giriraj plays dhol. He says we can’t alert the enemy, I will attack Kavya and break her pride. The dhol breaks. He sits angry. Kavya looks on.

Adi says it means Omi is responsible for Navya’s death. Kavya asks what.

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