Barsatein 6th February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Barsatein 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vikram saying Reyansh and Aradhna don’t care about the world. Pooja murmurs that one has to get scared if the lover is a murderer. He asks what did you say, murderer? Pooja says nothing. Varun comes. He says I had to take some stuff, I m not interested in hearing your kiddish talks. He argues with Jagruti. Vikram says you are like your brother. Varun says don’t say anything about my brother, Reyansh is the worst, he is the villain. Vikram says Jai is the villain. Varun says I will get back to you. Vikram says I m not scared of you. Varun thinks I will kill you all.

Jai and Bani come home. Nita asks Jai what happened, you look tired, will you have tea. Jai says no thanks, I spoke to the lawyer, the charges will get released. She says it’s a good news, we will go from here, its enough, I can’t bear more insult. Jai asks what happened. Nita says Reyansh and Aradhna are getting married, I got the news. Jai gets sad.

She says Jagruti gave me sweets, she was very happy, I m shocked, Aradhna feels she is a free bird, she proposed her ex BF, Jagruti asked us to leave this house. Jai says stop crying, I will see. She says that girl ruined everything, I feel bad for you, you came here for her, she moved on so soon. Bani asks Jai not to feel bad. He says I don’t feel anything for her, I moved on, I love Aradhna but she loves Reyansh, I m happy for her. Bani says right, not everyone gets love. Jai goes. Nita says I have brainwashed Jai against Aradhna. She asks Bani to do the same thing. She says I can’t forget the insult, Aradhna made me cry, I will not leave her. Bani says the story is over. Nita says you do what I told you, else you will never get Jai. She asks Bani to have sweets. Aradhna comes. Nita and Bani taunt her. She says don’t take money from us after divorce, we aren’t rich like before. Aradhna asks what. Bani says you didn’t think you are doing wrong. Aradhna says I will respect you always. She asks Bani not to talk to her that day. She reminds the slap and says be in your limits. Bani says you don’t teach me, you don’t know your limits, stop your drama. Aradhna raises hand. Nita makes Bani away. The ladies come and show the news of Aradhna’s 100 crore alimony demand. They say you are getting married to Reyansh. Aradhna says Bani, you did all this. The ladies scold Aradhna and ask her to leave. Reyansh comes and says who will dare to make Aradhna out, Nita or Bani leaked this news, know the truth first, Jai and Aradhna’s marriage was fake, we are getting married now, Nita is invited, get Jai along, let him see how love wins. Aradhna thinks love lost again, we lost. Reyansh holds her hand and takes her.

Vikram and Pooja come to office and have a talk. She thinks Aradhna and I have to spy on Reyansh. Kadambari says Vivek isn’t here, so I have come on his behalf, Reyansh is on cloud nine, he is redecorating his room. Vikram says he has quit drinking. She says I m really glad. He says Reyansh is exposing the drug scam mastermind, he is determined, he doesn’t listen to anyone. Pooja goes to Reyansh’s room. She checks the files and calls Aradhna.

Viren says I have left Malini. Nita angrily scolds Jagruti. Aradhna thinks why did the lights go off, did Reyansh come.

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