Kavya 8th February 2024 Written Update

Kavya 8th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya arguing with Adi. He says you accepted that I left IAS, you were happy, what about my happiness, you will go away from me if your posting is done far, you didn’t think of it. She says you said you will come with me, your work is online. He says and you believed it, you are right, I will come with you, I will leave my happiness, because I love you, love means first you, then I. He says others are first for you then Adi. He goes. Giriraj and Omi look on and smile. Giriraj says roots are getting decayed, the poison will spread inside, then the branches will break. He laughs. He says one day, the tree will fall down. Kavya goes to Adi. Ve kamleya…plays… She asks him to get up. He says sleep, its your new posting’s first day. She goes out of the room and cries. She hears Omi and Alka arguing. Alka says I told Kavya that I m not capable to conceive a child, I didn’t tell about the old report. Kavya says what are they hiding, how shall I find out. Its morning, Adi gets Kavya’s letter and rose petals. He smiles and thinks of their moments. She writes… I will take an off, I will take my husband on honeymoon, forgive me please. Adi smiles. He shouts Santo….

Santo comes. Adi asks him to get the suitcase. He dances and packs his clothes. He clicks a selfie with his bag. He replies to Kavya and sends the pic. Santo says I m also ready. Adi asks what. He calls Kavya and jokes. He says I m only yours, sorry, I know dad got your posting done, he did wrong, I also got selfish. She says forget it, maybe Lucknow needs me. He says you will change the city, come back, I said the editor that I want leave. He gives her a kiss. Santo says its bad. Adi says she is my wife, I m going on honeymoom. Kavya is on the way. She asks driver about the jam. He says there is jam every day, ask Giriraj to do something. She says its my work, I will do. She gets down the car. She asks why did you put the stalls on the road, keep it back. She meets a man and greets. The man praises her. He holds his chest and faints. She says I think he got a heart attack, we have to take him to hospital. She takes him in the car. Driver says there is much jam ahead. She shouts to get the road clear. She goes and moves the road stalls. She breaks the pots and says the stall is illegal on the govt land. She scolds the man. She fights the men. She asks them to come to office, else she will drag them. She takes the man to the hospital. Adi calls her. Santo says she didn’t come, shall I come along. Adi says shut up. Kavya takes his call. He asks are you fine. She says sorry, I m at the hospital. He asks why. She tells everything.

She says sorry, we will plan honeymoon later. He says don’t say sorry, go and do your work. Adi asks Santo to go on the trip. Santo says you come with me. Giriraj comes and smiles. He says wife makes fate. Adi defends Kavya. Malini looks on. She says you got married to IAS officer, get habitual now. Adi smiles and goes. Alka comes and says Kavya called, she said she needs two people to donate blood to blood bank. Adi and Alka leave. Giriraj meets the trade union officers. The man tells what Kavya did. Giriraj talks to them. Adi and Alka come there. Kavya says they have come to donate blood. She asks doctor to do Alka’s fertility tests also. Adi asks what did you say.

Giriraj asks how did this matter come out. Someone comes there. Adi asks Kavya why did you do this.

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