Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th February 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devender coming there and picks up the birth certificate and says it is dipped in ghee, and ruined. Veer says he will ask Giri to get the duplicate birth certificate. Devender tells that he will get it made. He asks Veer to sit. They sit to talk. Gita sees mark on her shoulder and asks Bulbul, how is her relation with Veer. Bulbul says he was Dhristi’s would be husband and now her husband, and tells that she stays away from him 2 steps away, and tells that he wants her to call him by her name. She then asks about Dhristi and asks where is she? Gita recalls sending Drishti to her Mama’s house, as Bulbul and Veer coming for pagphera. Dhristi feels neglected. Fb ends. Gita thinks she wants Bulbul and Veer to start their relation after 6 months, as she is not yet 18 years.

Veer helps to keep the trunk on the cupboard and asks Devender to let him work like amber, as he is also their son. Veer gets a photo album and tries to see the album. Bulbul tries to stop him. He sees the album and asks her about her age in the pic. Bulbul says 1 year old. He sees calendar behind and calculates her age to be 17.5 years and asks if she is sure. Devender tells that she was 2 years old then, and tells that she is looking small as she got think due to typhoid. The neighbors taunt Dhristi for eloping during the marriage, and Bulbul marrying Veer to save the family’s respect. Dhristi says Bulbul is happy. She thinks to get Veer back anyhow.

Gita shares with Devender that Bulbul is underage and if her relation starts with her husband then. Devender asks her not to worry and says just 6 months remaining. Bulbul comes there and Gita what she is hiding from her. Gita says nothing. Bulbul insists to know. Gita thinks of Devender’s words. Devender comes there and takes Gita from there. Divya comes to meet Bulbul. Bulbul gets happy to see her. Divya says she is looking more beautiful and tells Veer about Bulbul. She tells her that Bulbul is so good and thinks about others first, and she is Kartik Aryan’s fan, and she always dreamt of marriage since her childhood. Veer smiles seeing her book.

Vishesh gets a call asking him to come to hospital. He looks on. Gita suddenly slips. Veer, Bulbul and Divya run to her. Veer asks Gita to show her foot. Gita says she will get sin if he touches her foot. He says I touch your feet to take your blessings and asks her to think that way. He checks her foot. Divya tells Bulbul that she is seeing for the first time, that a son in law is touching mother in law’s feet to check her. She praises him. Bulbul looks on. Divya tells Bulbul that her cousin Shilpa has to take her husband’s permission to talk to her parents, and tells Bulbul that she is very lucky. Veer treats Gita’s sprained foot and tells that he got training in his IPS training. Gita says she has to make food. Veer asks her to rest and says they will make food. Amber comes and asks what happened? Veer says we will make food today. Bulbul thinks Maa got respect and love from Veer, then why she is upset.

Precap: Bulbul asks Gita to tell the truth and gives her swear. Gita tells her that she is not 18 years old and is a minor. Bulbul is shocked.

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