Keh Doon Tumhein 6th November 2023 Written Update

Keh Doon Tumhein 6th November 2023 Written Update by Amena

Keh Doon Tumhein 6th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dev leaving from Vikrant’s house. Garud asks Kirti shall I help. Kirti says let it be, why do you want to help a criminal, you had arrested me yesterday, you know me since many weeks, do you think I can murder someone, you know Dev is doing this to frame me, would you do this with your sister, I m not a murderer, its clear it’s a suicide case. He says sorry, I trust you, but the evidence was against you, Ritu didn’t commit suicide, she had been murdered. She asks what. He says yes, forensics have told us, her nails have some cloth thread, it means she was trying to get saved from someone. He shows the thread to her and says this belongs to the murderer. She thinks who will kill Ritu. Vikrant sees Bittu. He says I knew it, you will try to run away, so I had planned all this, you planned to run on time, you made my work easy. He smiles.

Kirti says I can’t believe that Ritu got murdered, is it the same man. Madhuri says we decided to not talk about the serial killer. Kirti says if anything happens to me, then take care of Puru. Madhuri says nothing will happen to you. Kirti says what will I do if I don’t get any proof, please, just two days left for my bail. Madhuri says Vikrant won’t let anything happen to you, don’t worry. Kirti goes. Vikrant wakes up Bittu by splashing water.

Vikrant says you are alive. Bittu says I didn’t try to run, I was feeling suffocated in darkness. Vikrant says I don’t have time for nonsense, will you do my work. Bittu says yes. Vikrant says you can’t be trusted, you have to prove your loyalty. Bittu says I can give my life for you. Vikrant says then give it. He laughs.

Bittu thinks you can’t stop me from escaping, I will run to the police station and expose your crimes. Madhuri looks for money in the grains box. She sits crying. Dadi comes and asks what happened, stop crying. Madhuri says Shreyas got admission in Delhi college, but we have no money to pay fees, what shall I do, he said he will do part time job and pay fees, when will he study if he does job, I m thinking to do tiffin business for his future, but it will take time. She worries. Dev comes to the police station. He asks Jadhav about the phone. Jadhav says I didn’t get it anywhere, I remember I gave the phone to you.

Dev says you gave me the news and handed over the phone, then Puru questioned me and I kept the phone here. He recalls Vikrant. He starts laughing. He asks them to do their work. He says we won’t get the phone now, there was someone else here at that time. He sees Vikrant and Kirti’s pic and says is Vikrant that serial killer, Bittu’s partner. Dadi feeds the curd to Shreyas. He says I m not going to any battle. She says you go to college and tell them that you are taking the admission. He says I will take it after doing a job. She says no, you don’t need to do any job.

Madhuri comes and looks on. Dadi says I have saved money, I have a FD and jewellery, you break the FD and take the college admission. Shreyas and Madhuri smile. He thanks Dadi. Dadi says when you earn after studying, I want my FD back. He says I will get 4 FDs for you, thanks. They hug.

Kirti comes home. She sees Vikrant teaching Puru. They laugh. Kirti smiles. She recalls Dev. Vikrant asks Kirti to go and take rest. Kirti thinks Vikrant and Dev have much difference. Dev asks Garud to issue a search warrant. Garud asks on whose name. Dev says Vikrant. Vikrant says we will have lunch together. Kirti says I already had it, but I can still have it. She gets the tiffin. They hear the police siren. He says don’t worry, we have more time. She says Dev can arrest me. He says one more day is left for the bail. Dev comes and smiles seeing them. He says I know Kirti’s bail still has time, I have come for you, we have a search warrant. Kirti asks what did Vikrant do. Dev gives the search warrant. Kirti says you are doing this to trouble us, why. Dev says she knows me well, I m the big goon here.

Dev says I want all the details of the serial killer. Garud tells about Anjali’s murder case. Vikrant and Kirti come to the police station. Dev says wow, you got your lover here.

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