Keh Doon Tumhein 9th September 2023 Written Update

Keh Doon Tumhein 9th September 2023 Written Update by Amena

Keh Doon Tumhein 9th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ritu entering the house. She sees Kirti talking to Puru. Puru says I want to have kulfi. Kirti says no, I won’t let you go out. Vikrant sees Ritu. Puru isn’t able to open the gate. Ritu thinks sorry, one who gets close to Vikrant has to pay for it. She goes and opens the gate. Vikrant thinks girls get more foolish in this age, its good, desperate girls are useful. Ritu sees a truck coming. She leaves the gate open and goes. She hides. Puru runs outside the gate. Vikrant runs and saves Puru from the accident. Ritu looks on. Kirti comes running and takes Puru. She asks what happened, are you fine. Puru says no. She asks Sarkar are you fine. Vikrant signs yes. She scolds Puru. He says sorry. She thanks Vikrant. She says your hand is bleeding, I will do the aid. He says nothing major, its okay. She says no, I want to help. Ritu gets angry. Kirti does Vikrant’s aid. Madhuri and Dadi argue with Sudhakar. Kirti thanks Vikrant. He jokes. Puru says sorry. Kirti hugs him.

Inspector Yadav talks to constable. Constable says maybe someone did wrong with Anjali and fooling the police. Yadav says no, such smart criminals and clever police are just in tv serials. Kirti comes to Vikrant’s house. She gets the food. She says I can serve the food. She goes to kitchen. She sings lag jaa gale…. Vikrant recalls his mum feeding him the food. He asks her why did you stop singing, I mean you were singing. She says its okay, please eat. He says you shouldn’t hide your talent. She says you didn’t see my talent yet. She tells about her mistake.

He does poetry. She completes it. She says I didn’t know you read Malhar’s poems, I won’t go back until I find Anjali’s BF, he can’t get saved. Vikrant thinks she sang Aai’s song and I got mercy for her, I have to send her to Anjali, else she will send me to jail. Puru comes. He says you should get Puru to the school field trip. She says I don’t want to disturb you. He says its okay, there would be waterfalls and slides. Puru says there will be icecream also, right, please we will go. She says no. Vikrant says we have a deal now.

Madhuri and Kirti are shopping accessories. Neha steals some accessories. She falls. Kirti asks what is it, show me. She sees the things. Madhuri says she is a thief. Neha asks what shall I do, I can’t control my habit, I have kleptomania. Kirti says she has a disease, we have to get her treated. Madhuri scolds Neha. Kirti says I will give the things and come. Vikrant, Anjali and Puru come to the school. Teacher instructs the children. Vikrant says you are coming with students, so everything is fine. Kirti says you drive your car, it means you like driving. Vikrant tells a funny story of a King. She laughs. She says you are an eligible bachelor, you didn’t get married, why, sorry, I won’t ask personal questions. He says its okay, I didn’t find someone to accept me as I m, I m black and white type, I can’t tolerate anyone applying colouring me. Kirti says don’t meet me on holi, else I will colour you, sorry, you may think I m over friendly. Bittu thinks Vikrant is going where I had buried Lily. Vikrant asks Puru to go and have fun. He asks Kirti to come with him and hear the voice of her soul. She asks what. He says just come. He asks her to shout aloud. She shouts Puru and hears the echo. She says I didn’t learn to get scared of anyone. He thinks you made a mistake, you would have got saved today. He goes to push her.

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