Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th February 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devraj Indra asking all the devtas to attack the power/leg altogether. They attack Maruti, but nothing happens to him and he is unaffected. Anjani and everyone witness the sun stagnant in the sky. Maruti smiles. Brahma dev says maruti has stopped day and night’s cycle and says this way it will be destroyed. Mahadev says this is Maruti’s leela and has to take his decision himself, I will not interfere. Brahmadev requests Mahadev to give him the vahan/transport/animal for which Maruti is waiting for. Mahadev says ok. He looks at the tiger skin there. Maruti sees the vahan and lift his leg from that place. His leg moved from the way of surya dev. Surya dev says this is magical and divine. Devraj Indra says this is not divine, but a conspiracy against them. Mahadev tells Parvati that devraj Indra got worried. Devi Parvati asks if Devraj Indra and Maruti will face each other in future. Mahadev says it is certain. Devraj Indra asks Surya dev to move his vahan. Everyone see the sun about to set. Rakhtasur as Gyananand reminds Kesari to fulfill his promise. Anjani asks him to give some time. Rakhtasur says if you love your life so much then accept that your words are not valuable. Kesari says I will not back off and will behead myself to present it to you. He asks him to accept his head as the dakshini. Rakhtasur says I accept.

Anjani begs infront of him and asks him to leave her husband. Rakhtasur asks him not to make her husband’s sacrifice low and tells that it is a boon and not curse, if he dies today then will be immortal for forever. He says his name will be written with golden letters in the history. Kaptasur says Rakhtasur is acting so nicely. They think that Rakhtasur will kill Kesari anyhow and then they will come in their real avatar, and cut everyone’s fingers. Anjani begs infront of them. Kesari gives her promise not to beg for his life. Anjani says my prestige is not important than your life. Kesari says for me, my promise is everything. He says I am ready. Anjani cries and breaks down. Tara and Roma ask Anjani to handle herself, leave everything on destiny. Kesari is about to behead himself, when Maruto comes there and asks Kesari to stop. Jai hanuman plays….Kesari, Anjani, others and the demons looks at him. Maruti says you are safe, I have brought a superior vahan before sunset. Kaptasur asks where is that vahan, I couldn’t see. Maruti asks for 2 mins. Rakhtasur and others ask him. Kaptasur asks Kesari to behead himself.

Maruti says I have brought your vahan. Kaptasur says it is impossible, we have made the elephants vanished. Kesari asks what your shishya is saying? Rakhtasur says my shishya is innocent and he doesn’t know what he is telling. He asks Maruti where is his vahan? Maruti says he brought a more good vahan than the elephant. They all see a giant tiger come inside and roaring. Maruti says he is my friend Singeraj and is a king of jungle. Rakhtasur asks how can we travel sitting on it. Maruti says if you travel on it then nobody can stop you. The tigers roars and blows air on the asurs, they all become asurs and come in their real form. Kesari tries to fight with them, but he is pushed back. Rakhtasur tells that he will kill Maruti, but the tiger attacks him. Others demons tell that they shall leave, but Rakhtasur tells that if Ravan raj comes to know then they will lose their respect. They think to fight. The tiger attacks them and they fall down altogether. The tiger is about to kill them, when they start taking Ram’s name to gets saved. They chant Ram…Maruti also chants Ram’s name. The demons get mukti and becomes ashes. Everyone is surprised.

Precap will be added later.

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