Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th February 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bali coming to Maruti. Maruti asks Bandu to give his introduction to Bali. Bandu gets afraid and says he is not soldiers, but the king, looks at his hand. Maruti requests bali to forget this chariot. Bali asks do you know who am I? Maruti says I don’t know you, but I am sure that you are very proud of your anger. Bali tells that he is the most powerful now and hits on the earth. Maruti says sorry, I couldn’t accept your sayings as the most powerful is Maharaj Bali. Bali asks if he knows him. Maruti says no, but he heard about him. Bali asks who is he? Maruti says she is Kesari and Anjani’s son Maruti. Bali recalls Devraj Indra asking him to kill anjani’s son and his attempt to kill him. Maruti tells that he needs his chariot. Bali thinks he was searching his enemy Maruti. An villager comes to Kesari and Sugreev and tells that Maruti was riding chariot. They get shocked and worried. Maruti and Bandu are walking near the lake.

Bali follow them as they go inside the lake. He sees crocodile going towards Maruti from underwater. He thinks how a divine boy couldn’t sense the danger. He thinks my nephew will be soon become food to the crocodile. Maruti and Bandu play in the water. Maruti says they shall return as Mata might be waiting. The crocodile attacks Bandu. Maruti asks Bandu to go to side. He catches the crocodile and tosses it in the air and throws it afar. Bandu is happy while bali is shocked to see this moment. They leave for home. Bali thinks he is Maha bali Bali and will not be quiet until he kills him. Bandu says today was yog of swarg yatra. Maruti says you called me Raja and that’s why I protected you.

Bandu says he knows how much he loves him and says I will tell everyone how you tossed the crocodile. Maruti says if Mata comes to know that she will not let me come out. Bandu says ok. Bali is about to attack Maruti with his weapon, when he hears anjali calling maruti and bandu. Bali hides. Maruti hugs Anjani. Anjani says what are you doing here? Maruti says we came here while playing. Bandu says there is no crocodile here. Anjani scolds him politely. Kesari asks him not to risk his life. Maruti holds his ears and apologizes to her. Anjani says my love for you, make me worried. Kesari hugs Anjani and Maruti. Bali comes infront of them and says family union…what a scene ! Tara gets happy seeing him. Kesari, Sugreev and others greet him and call him Maharaj Bali. Bandu gets tensed.

Bali says I am also a family member. Kesari says he is very much happy seeing him and they hug. Sugreev greets Bali and hugs him. Bali looks at Tara. Anjani introduces Maruti to him. She tells Maruti that he is his kaka shri maharaj bali. Maruti greets him. Bali thinks he will give him such a death that nobody will look at Kishkinda’s singhasan. He says just now I met him already Kesari asks how? Bali tells that he was coming to Someru, when Maruti had stolen his chariot. Anjani scolds him. Maruti asks him to hug and forgive him. Bali hugs him. Maruti thinks this is a divine moment that maha bali hugged me. Bali presses his back, but nothing happens to Maruti. Bali says your big Gada won my heart. Bali says he will gift him more big gada and thinks to kill him.

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