Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 1st October 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 1st October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 1st October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the people asking Jaamvant what had happened to them? Jaamvant says now you all are fine. Maruti comes there and calls Jaamvant. Jai hanuman…plays….Jaamvant says Prabhu you are great, if you had not helped them get back their energy then they would have lost their lives. Maruti tells that Taadka will never return to Sumeru, their kingdom is freed from Asur. Kaikesi prays Maa Nikumbala and asks her to tell about the divine Vanar boy and tell her the truth. She closes her eyes and then opens it. She sees Mahadev’s avatar in Maruti and gets shocked. Maruti tells that he has to go to Guru kul. His friends ask him to stay back for some days. Maruti says I always stay here. The people of Sumeru tell that they miss him so much and want to give him a gift. They call Jaamvant. Jaamvant brings laddoo and fruits for Maruti and his friends in Guru kul. Maruti thanks them and asks him to pack them.

Kaikesi is shocked and tells Maricha that this is the conspiracy of the devtas, this boy is not ordinary and is related to Mahadev. Maricha says how can this happen, Mahadev himself gave a boon to Ravan. Kaikesi tells that they can’t trust the Gods, they give us a boon and then it becomes the reason for our death. Maricha says surely. Kaikesi tells that the Gods are jealous of our success and is not trustable. She says they are conspiring to kill my son, Lankesh’s life is in danger and that’s why I will give him Amrit even if I have to search it. Maricha says surely.

Jaamvant asks the people to go to their respective places. He asks Maruti to go to Gurukul. Maruti says how can I take all this? Jaamvant says what are you saying, you are hanuman and have many powers. Maruti says I hope you have come with me. Jaamvant says you can lift all the burden of the Gods and this thing is very little for you. Maruti asks him to remind him often and goes with fruits and laddoo. Nandi asks Mahadev why do Maruti forget his powers when he can fly with all Sumeru. Mahadev tells that Maruti is an extraordinary boy, but wants to remain ordinary and doesn’t have any ego. He says he will be loved by people for many years. Nandi says if Maruti forgets his powers again. Mahadev says Jaamvant will make him remind his powers.

Some Guru kul boys steal the havan ingredients and throws it in the water. Kaikesi comes to Mandodari. Mandodari greets her and asks what she wants? Kaikesi says I want you to return to Palace. Mandodari says I will not return until my husband take the right path. Kaikesi asks what you will do, if your husband is not alive. Mandodari asks what happened to Lankesh? Kaikesi tells her that Gods have conspired to kill Lankesh and says it is in your hands, if you want to protect your husband or not. Mandodari is shocked.

In the morning, Rishi Angira asks the boys to tell who had thrown the havan ingredients in water and says I am giving this last chance. He says if the guilty boy comes and accepts his mistake then he will forgive him, else if he catches him then he will punish him badly. Maruti comes there and greets Rishi Angira. Rishi Angira blesses him. Maruti asks if there is any problem? Rishi Angira says yes and says he needs his help. He asks what did he bring? Maruti says some gifts from Sumeru for you and the students. He gives them laddoos and fruits?

Kaikesi asks Mandodari that they want to make Ravan have amrit, so that he becomes immortal. Mandodari asks how is it possible? Kaikesi says only your father can tell how to get Amrit. Nandi asks what amrit is this? Mahadev says for what Samudra Manthan happened, says that after all devtas had it, some was left and it was kept safely in Chandra lok. He says it was not that easy and Mandodari’s father had made such an arrangements that nobody could reach it due to the suraksha chakra. Nandi says now I understood. Mahadev says if Ravan gets the amrit, then it will be very difficult.

Rishi Angira tells Maruti about the things which are stolen from his hut. He tells that they can buy the things, but not precious books. Maruti says if this happens then their education will remain incomplete. He asks if he is sure that guilty is among his students. Maruti asks are you sure? Rishi Angira says if this continues then his anger will have no limits. Maruti assures to catch the culprit.

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