Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 3rd February 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 3rd February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 3rd February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mahadev telling Maruti that they have reached agyansarovar. Maruti asks what? Mahadev says I couldn’t see because of the trees, we were near the gyan sarovar. Maruti comes there and says I will meet my Aradhya. He sees skeletons and asks what is this place? Mahadev says this is Agyansarovar, where you wanted to go? Maruti asks if you are joking with me. Mahadev says who told you about Gyan sarovar. Maruti says Matang Rishi had told me that Dhruv tara had prayed in gyansarovar and met his aaradhya. Mahadev asks did you come here to meet your Aaradhya? He says I don’t know, but these skeletons might know, they had come to search their Aaradhya, I alerted them, but they didn’t listen and end up becoming skeletons. Anjani and Kesari apologizes to Rishi Durvasa. Jambvant requests him to calm down and says whatever happened is because of no knowledge and says Maruti is a small child. Rishi Durvasa asks if his parents are small and says they tried to divert my attention by giving me kheer etc, and tells that Anjani is incompetent to teach good values to her son.

Maruti tells Mahadev that he will not have food and water until…Mahadev asks what? Maruti says until I make my Aaradhya have laddoo and takes the big laddoo out. Mahadev says your potli is magical to keep so many laddoos and says now as your Aaradhya is not known, we can both have half of the laddoo each. Bhringi and Nandi ask Mata Parvati to do something. Mata Parvati says this is Maruti’s last test, he has to do what he can. Mahadev takes big laddoo in his hand and says it is very enjoyable. Maruti keeps hand on the laddoo. Anjani says it is my mistake and asks him not to curse Maruti. Jambvant tries to pacify him and asks him to forgive them. Rishi Durvasa says if I forgive them today then nobody will be scared of Rishis. Pandit ji prays to God. Maruti takes back the laddoo and says it is of my Aaradhya. Mahadev says you are hungry and weak. Maruti says I am weak, but not my determination. Mahadev asks until when he will wait for his aaradhya. Maruti swears that he will wait for his Aaradhya all his life. He sits under the tree. Mahadev asks if it is easy to be hungry for many days and months.

Maruti says he is determined to be hungry. Mahadev says lets see until when you can stay hungry. He plays the dumroo.. and makes the kaal chakra, time and days passes fast. Mata Parvati asks bhringi and nandi to see this scene. Mahadev stops playing dumroo and says many months have passed, asks him to share laddoo with him. Maruti says just months passed, all my age is still remaining. Mahadev says until you breath, you need food and water and says this is brahma dev’s rule. Maruti says if his rule is strong then my determination is also strong. He says you have said that until I breath then I need food and water, says he will not take breath until his Aaradhya come and give him food and water. Maruti stops his breaths and sits on the small mountain. Jai hanuman gyan gun sagar…..Eveyone in the brahma log and indra log feel short of breath. brahma dev asks Mahadev to protect them. He says earth might end and asks him to stop the test right there. Parvati asks Mahadev to give him darshan. Mahadev smiles. He appears infront of him without revealing his face and asks him to open his eyes. Maruti sees trishul and snake in his neck and calls him mahadev.

Maruti greets him and asks if he is his Aaradhya? Mahadev says you are me and I am you, our Aaradhya is one. Maruti asks what do you mean? Mahadev tells that you have passed all the three tests and I came here to tell about your Aaradhya’s name as your prize. He asks him to take the word inside him, what he is going to say. Rishi Durvasa says your and your son’s bad days will start. Mahadev says your Aaradhya’s name is Ram. Maruti says Ram.

Precap: While maruti is returning home, Rishi Durvasa collides with Maruti and gets angry.

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