Kesari Nandan 28th February 2019 Written Update

Kesari Nandan 28th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kesari Nandan 28th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hanumant preparing Jagat for the fight. He asks Jagat to prove himself today and show them, his values and blessings are along. He encourages Jagat. Kala beats Bhura more and asks him not to hide the truth. Zoravar and Bijli look on. People laugh seeing Jagat. Gorilla smiles. Kesari looks on. Hanumant asks Jagat not to hear useless noise and just focus. Kesari says Gorilla is a cheater, his first step is a cheat, he will try to hold your neck, you stay alert and don’t give him a chance to catch your leg, you make him tired first and then attack. Jagat smiles. He goes in. Jagat and Gorilla wrestle. Hanumant asks Jagat to focus. Kesari cheers for Jagat. Zoravar threatens Bhura and asks him to just say it. Bhura says I don’t know. Zoravar asks Kala to bear him.


says don’t let Gorilla stay at one place. Gorilla hurts Jagat. Jagat gets up quickly. Madhavi prays at home. Gorilla punches Jagat’s face. Kala and Zoravar torture Bhura, and threaten to kill him. Bhura doesn’t say anything. Jagat bashes up Gorilla. Kesari cheers for him. Gorilla attacks from back. Coach stops Gorilla. Jawahar recalls Zoravar’s words. He adds some drugs in Jagat’s water. Jagat drinks the water. Jawahar smiles. Jagat goes for the fight. He gets dizzy and tries hard to fight. He loses to Gorilla. Hanumant asks Jagat to get up. Jagat loses his senses. He gets blurred vision. He tries to get up again. Gorilla catches his neck and suffocates him. Jagat loses the match.
Hanumant takes Jagat with him. Jagat says sorry dad. Hanumant says its fine, you played really well. He asks Jawahar to give water. He sees Kesari inside the ring. Kesari says I m here, Kesari Nandan Singh. Gorilla laughs and asks will you come. Hanumant asks what are you doing, you come out, you can’t fight Gorilla. Gorilla asks Kesai to go to her coach. Kesari says I m not scared, I have seen Gorilla’s moves and understood it, I have smartness, just bless me to fight him, let me fight him, please, else I will regret that I didn’t try.

Hanumant asks her to be careful. Kesari challenges Gorilla for the fight. The people laugh on Kesari and call him mad. Kesari says I can fight in this competition, I m student of Hanumant Singh, I know I m young, but Hanumant didn’t discriminate in teaching me, why can’t you encourage me, I will show how Dangal is played with strength and smartness. Hanumant says great, go and play. Mary Kom nods. The man announces the competition between Kesari and Gorilla. Kesari says this is my Dhanva soil, its also Kesari, I m also Kesari. She applies soil to her forehead. The fight begins. Kesari faces Gorilla.

Kesari tackles Gorilla well and surprises Hanumant. Kesari wins the medal. Kala says you got your daughter here to fight Dangal. Hanumant gets shocked.

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