Krishna Mohini 7th June 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aryaman asking Ananya to stop the drama. He says you faked the leg injury to stop me from going to Krishna, I have done whatever you told me, you asked me to sign the divorce papers and leave Krishna after 6 months, I agreed, why are you playing these games and spoiling Krishna and Mohan’s lives, relations can’t be formed on the basis of lies. Ananya stops him and says you got to know it all, I won’t let you go now. Srijala says don’t stop him, Krishna might need him, she is his wife. Ananya asks am I not imp to him, will he think about Krishna after separation also. She asks Aryaman to say. She says you decided to leave her, free yourself and her, I won’t let you go today. Rajshri asks Aryaman to understand Ananya’s love. She says just don’t go if she wants so.

Aryaman leaves. Ananya shouts Arya…. Krishna says this college isn’t right for Mohan. She asks Pia to get the car. Pia refuses. Krishna says fine, we will go by auto. Anuradha says don’t force Mohan to go, maybe his fate has brought him here. Krishna says I don’t want your advice, he is my brother, I will worry for his future. Aryaman comes there. He asks what’s going on. Krishna says I don’t want Mohan to study here. Aryaman asks them to sit in the car. Pia says but my car… He says I will get it. Krishna asks him to go, she will come later. He makes her sit in the car. They leave. Anuradha looks on.

Srijala says Ananya faked the injury, Aryaman didn’t do wrong, he has gone to support his wife, Ananya should understand that, she can’t ruin her life. Aryaman gets Krishna, Mohan and Pia home. Rajshri scolds Krishna. Meghna taunts on Mohan. Krishna says I didn’t do any drama, Mohan won’t study in that college. Aryaman asks why, I will pay for his studies. She says no, I don’t want him to dream big, you will give 6 month fees, who will pay it afterwards. He says you don’t need to worry. Pia says Mohan was excited to go to college. Aryaman says he will go to college, I don’t want to argue. Rajshri says you don’t get stubborn to educate Mohan in a big college, get his admission done in a small college. Aryaman says let me do my responsibility, Krishna is thinking by her heart. She asks do you have a place for her in your heart, your dad would have explained this to you. He asks what would he explain me when he couldn’t understand his responsibilities, don’t get him in between. He goes. Mohan says you are hiding the truth from Aryaman. Sid says I have to know what they are hiding. Mohan says I want to go there, my dream can turn true, I can get my destination, please come with me and meet Anuradha. Krishna asks him to stop it. Aryaman gets a headache and refuses to talk about Krishna. Ananya says good, I want you to forget her, whatever happened today…. He asks her to just go. Krishna says forget your dream, you promised me, you won’t do this madness. Sid looks on.

Krishna says you will tell Aryaman that you won’t study there. Mohan says no, I won’t refuse, I will go there, I got a chance to fulfill my dream, I won’t step back, its my final decision. She angrily raises hand and stops. Sid says Mohan has some secret and I will find out, he is strange. Ananya asks Aryaman to check what she got for Mohan. She says I apologized to the college principal on Krishna’s behalf, you can call him and ask, Mohan will be upset, he might like this gift, don’t worry about Krishna, I will explain her that Mohan will need all this. She goes. He sees the phone and says Mohan will be glad seeing this, he needs this. Krishna recalls everything. She gets her finger hurt. Ananya comes and cares for her. She says Dhanya told me everything, you would be feeling bad, why is Aryaman coming between Mohan and you, I respect you more, any girl would have lost her mind seeing the money, you don’t like to live on others’ money, right. Mohan says Krishna isn’t understanding me. Sid comes and asks him to have juice. He says my dad never understood me and trusted others more than me, I can understand your pain. He thinks it will be real fun when Mohan gets against Krishna.

Precap: Krishna asks Aryamaan why did he give Mohan expensive gifts. Arymaan says to her that Mohan is his responsibility as well because he is your brother. Krishna says to him that we are only doing this for 6 months.

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