Lakshmi Narayan 7th June 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 7th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 7th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Lakshmi starts walking towards the surface of the ocean, Narayan says please welcome my queen and the world’s queen of wealth. Lakshmi arrives at the beach. They both smile at each other. Narayan says I waited for a long time, I am sure it must have been difficult for you. Lakshmi says I am complete again seeing you with me. All Devtas get their positions back. Rishi says Lakshmi is back so I think we should celebrate. Aditi says manthan is still in progress, she tells Narayan that you got your Lakshmi and these Devtas got their powers back but we didn’t get what we were promised to, we want Amrit so you have to help us. Rishi says we want Narayan and Lakshmi to get married again. Aditi says we don’t care about that, how can you forget that Narayan killed your son? Rishi says if you leave today then our relationship will end. Aditi says wow.. you are going to break us apart because of others? Rishi says relationship is based on respect and honor which you don’t give me as your husband. Aditi says fine, I am going to stay here for my husband but we won’t look at Narayan and Lakshmi getting married. We will look away. Devshi says you are insulting Narayan by doing this. Rishi says its a blessing to see them get married again. Narayan and Lakshmi get ready to make each other wear jaymala but Narayan stops her. Lakshmi is shocked hearing that. He says I can’t wear this, its not going to be right. Lakshmi asks what happened? we got back together because of your efforts so why are you denying it? Narayan says you were my wife when you went in the ocean but now you are Sagar’s daughter, our love will win only when we get the blessings of your parents. We should get married when they bless you with me. Lakshmi is impressed and says I don’t think they will come. Saraswati tells her to call out to them, they are your parents and your love will soften their heart, just try. Lakshmi calls out to Sagar and Jaldevi, she says I am requesting tou to be here with me, please marry your daughter off.

Devshi comes to talk to Sagar, he says you both took your rights as Lakshmi’s parents so do your duties now. Sagar says did Narayan send you to take his side? Devshi says I am here to request you on behalf of your daughter. We did this manthan to end your rage. Sagar says you have no idea what Narayan did with us. Devshi says you saw manthan but it was all done by Narayan, he is everywhere. You know he did all this for love only. At least come with me for your daughter, she trusted you and stayed here. Jaldevi says we have to go for love, she tells Sagar to come with her for their love’s sake at least.

Sagar and Jaldevi come to the beach. Narayan welcomes them and says I am requesting you to marry your daughter.

The episode ends.

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