Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV asking Poorvi not to make him do this again, and have medicines on time, else he will stare her and she will not like it. Poorvi asks where are you going? RV says PS, to file complaint against that snake charmer. He says may be he left the snake intentionally or it came by mistake, and says whatever it is, I will find out about it. He asks her to rest and goes. Monisha hears them. She comes to the market and sees snake charmer coming. She calls him. He says he has reached and asks where are you? Monisha asks him to look back and come to her. She gives him an envelope of money. He thanks her. Monisha says she is not thanking him for money and tells that she gave him so much money, as RV has seen him in the CCTV and has gone to file the Police complaint. She asks him to go from there. He says it seems they have done wrong with good soul. Monisha asks him to vanished from there and don’t get caught, if he gets caught then she will not identify him. He goes.

Dadu says Dadi was angry and was roaming from here and there in the room, and now she has worn bangles and is happy. He says she shall sit with me and talk. Yug tells that he feels pity on Dadu. Dadi asks him to take her side sometime. Harleen comes there and asks Vaishali where is the cook? Vaishali says she didn’t know. Harleen says you shall know. Deepika says cook will not come today, he had called. Poorvi comes and asks if I can make food. Harleen recalls asking her not to make food again. RV asks if everything is fine. Deepika says nothing, Poorvi wants to make food. She tells Poorvi that Maa asked her not to go to kitchen, and says you can’t make food, so why you ask again and again, don’t you get tired asking. Poorvi says the matter is not that Chef will not come, I know that Maa, Chachi and you like to make food, I was just asking if I can make food with you all. She says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. Harleen says you shall be sorry, not because you asked, but because why you asked. She says if you want to make food for everyone, then go to kitchen and make food. Poorvi gets happy and asks really.

Vaishali says but you had asked her not to make food. Harleen says yes, I had said when our relation was of few hours, but when we have a relation then why not stay as a family. Poorvi gets emotional and says I will go and make food. She goes. Harleen asks Vaishali and Dadi to come and see the God’s clothes which she has bought. Dadi and Vaishali go from there. Deepika and Monisha are angry. Yug tells RV that Harleen asked Poorvi to make food. Poorvi comes back and asks Dadu, what is Dadi’s favorite dish. Dadu jokes that she likes to eat his brain. He tells that Dadi likes Dal Makhini. Yug and Dadu ask her to make their favorite food too. Poorvi says she will make. Yug asks if she will make 7 course meals. Poorvi says yes, and tells RV that Mummy ji asked her to make food. RV teases her and goes. Poorvi goes to kitchen.

Deepika asks Monisha, where is she going? Monisha says she is going to meet her Mom, as Poorvi puran is never ending here. She tells that they have forgotten whose sister is Poorvi, she is that Khushi’s sister who has ruined this house. She then tells that she will go and ruin the food made by Poorvi. Deepika stops her. Monisha says she is Monisha and nobody can stop her. She goes to kitchen and tells Poorvi that she will keep eye on her, as they have to eat the food. Poorvi says if she stands here then she can’t concentrate on making the food. Monisha asks if you are afraid that I will mix something. Poorvi says why will I think like this, and says why anyone will spoil the food. Monisha goes. Poorvi makes the food and serves on the table.

Monisha takes the salt and puts it in the dish. She turns and gets slapped by Harleen. Harleen says my hand raised by itself seeing you doing wrong with Poorvi. She says I can’t forget Poorvi is whose’s sister, but can’t forget what she has done for RV and us. Dadu, Dadi and others come to the dining table. Dadu says today food will be tasty. Yug, Dadu and RV ask Poorvi to serve food to them. RV says serve to Dadi first. Poorvi is about to take the dish, but Harleen asks her not to serve that, and says there is a hair strand in it. Poorvi says sorry and says I didn’t check. Harleen asks her to relax and says it is not your mistake. Everyone tastes the food and likes it. Dadu says it is so tasty, God bless you. Yug says your hands are magical, it is tasty. He asks Dadi, how is the dal makhini. Dadi says it is good. Dadu asks her to praise well, and says he is really enjoying having food made by her. Yug says he got the food made by Bhabhi for the first time. Deepika and Monisha doesn’t have food. Monisha gets angry seeing RV looking at Poorvi and smiling. Poorvi feels shy.

Monisha comes home. Her mom opens the door. Monisha asks why you took so much time to return. She says RV got married. Her mom says yes, I know and says she likes RV. Monisha tells that things are changing between RV and Poorvi, they are ready to give life for each other, and the way he looks at Poorvi is different. Her mother says it is not like that. She tells that she had added salt in the food made by Poorvi and Harleen aunty saw and slapped her. Her mother gets shocked.

Precap: Monisha blames Poorvi for all the problems and troubles in her life and says when you knows everything then get out of this house and from my life. RV says Monisha, Poorvi will not leave, but you will leave from this house and family. He holds her hand and throws her out.

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