Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Preeta tells Shaurya that she was talking politely but is now going to talk about the truth and he must come with her to the police station, Shaurya asks with what right as she is behaving like his mother, Kavya furiously replies she is a mother hearing which everyone is stunned then kavya says she is mother to someone, Shaurya requests KD to stay quiet explaining she does not have any right on him so should not even think about speaking like this, Preeta says she will not order him but has fed him with her own hands so is going to pressurize, she holds his hand again but he refuses to come, Preeta replies that Rajveer is locked in false blame, Shaurya replies he does not even care if Rajveer dies due to it, Preeta furiously slaps him when Shaurya asks how did she dare slap him, Preeta replies he has once talked like this about Rajveer but if he does it again then she is going to slap him thousand times, Shaurya says he warned her to not be his mother and should listen that he is not going to come with her or take back the complaint against Rajveer, Preeta replies she has understood that Shaurya is going to listen to Nidhi and let her manipulate him, she has understood it that her son is not just in the cell because of Nidhi but even him and they both are wrong, Shaurya says it is enough and he tried a lot to misbehave with her but was not able to do it, but he feels today he would misbehave so Shaurya starts closing the door on her face, Preeta is stunned demanding Shaurya should open the door as she wants to talk to him, explaining he cannot behave like this but he does not listen, Rakhi also requests Shaurya to open the door but he refuses saying if someone opens the door then he would go out and never return so they all decide if they want this mother India or their Shaurya, he mentions they all know he does what he thinks about doing.

Nidhi says that women slapped The Shaurya Luthra and how can she raise her hand on him when he is not someone from the streets, Nidhi says she is taking advantage of their good behavior rather his behavior, and everyone in this house has not said anything to her especially Karan because of whom she does everything she desires but even then she does not care about it however Preeta does not have any right to slap him. Preeta also thinks she made a mistake by slapping Shaurya and he also got angry on her, when she knows he is so childish as Nidhi would have instigated him to the extent that he took this step and Shaurya was really misbehaving which is not right. Nidhi tells Preeta is a middle class women while he is the sole heir of the Luthra family. Shaurya replies he does not know it and is fine but Nidhi replies it is not okay and he must not be fine, she says that women slapped him and ruined his self respect while even insulted him so he should have slapped her again. Preeta thinks that Shaurya does not have any manners and so exclaims that they have to raise their hand on the child, Nidhi agrees that Shaurya did the right thing otherwise the entire family would have gone against him. Nidhi is glad Shaurya locked the door on her face, when Shaurya asks why is his mom panicking so much when they are not related to her. Nidhi says he closed the door but does he think she will not return to this Mansion and show her right over Kavya and Karan, explaining that Karan has done this to her which all happened ever since Karan gave her the property, Shaurya agrees with Nidhi thinking he thought of her as a mother figure.

Preeta thinks she should not have slapped him so hard as she is the elder however thinks even Shaurya must learn how to behave with her when she is like his mother. Nidhi asks Shaurya to not make everyone his mother and informs Preeta is mistaken by thinking she can do anything and so exclaims that now she is going to do something that Preeta will go away from this house and their family, Shaurya says he has faith in his mom and walks away while Nidhi is smiling. Preeta thinks it is fine with fight but Shaurya crossed all the limits by sending Rajveer to the lockup in a fake scam case, she thinks Rajveer is always troubled by it all and Palki.

Palki is demanding they open thee door and let her leave as they cannot treat her like this, Palki gets the call from Preeta who asks about her Dadi explaining she knows that she should have come to meet them but got busy, Palki says that preeta must not be worried as Dadi fell however did not get injured, Palki asks Preeta what happened when she says that she slapped Shaurya, Palki informs that Shaurya would have done something, Preeta explains Nidhi instigated Shaurya to do it Paki asks what did Nidhi aunti do, Preeta informs she went to the Luthra Mansion and so reveals the entire situation, Palki says she is coming to her however Preeta says palki must stay with her Dadi however Palki informs she is coming to her, because the one he considers her son closed the door on her face while Rajveer is locked up so she is not fine. Preeta informs she is still around the road number fifty in Bandra so Palki explains she is coming to her, Palki wonders how can she go when the door is closed, she thinks of the window so going to it tries to open it but realizes it is jammed, Palki is worried.

Rakhi is very tensed in the room thinking about how Shaurya asked for the right from Preeta and said he does not care even if her son dies, then he closed the door on her face. Rakhi starts crying when Karina seeing her comes to sit by her side asking why is she crying, Karina says when a lot of people live in the house then such problems arise and there are a lot of people who say everything on the face but Rakhi must not be so tensed. Rakhi says that what happens in the house of other people is different from what is happening in their house. She says the story of this house is very different and there is a son in this house who does not know that the women he was misbehaving with it is his mother, they both are arguing while they all were just standing and could not do anything, Kritika goes to hug Rakhi requesting her to not cry as she always says they are not aware of the relation so assures everything would get fine, Rakhi replies nothing will get better as the house in which the mother is not respected, Karina questions what does Rakhi want that they tell Preeta the truth forgetting what the doctor said that preeta cannot bear the stress, Karina asks Rakhi to not say anything and she asks why is Rakhi not saying anything, Rakhi replies she cannot understand that tears fell but the pain in the heart is not going away and why has Bhagwan made them so helpless, Kritika says that Rakhi says Shaurya did it all because he is not aware preeta is his mother, Rakhi accepts the words of Kritika but asks if these are the teachings of the Luthra family and wonders how is Shaurya like this, Rakhi replies Nidhi is also blamed for it when had Preeta raised Shaurya but he would not have been like this, Rakhi says Nidhi has given very bad teachings to Shaurya, informing she tried to talk to Nidhi but she did not listen to her and until she could go to him but things had gotten out of their hands.

Palki sitting in her room thinks she forgot about it, Shanaya gets a text from palki who asks her to first tune of the phone, Palki then tells Shanaya to get her out of the room as the window is also stuck and she does not know what Shanaya will do for it, but just that she should hurry. Shanaya starts thinking then texts palki to be prepared to leave. Palki is glad. Shanaya going into the kitchen says that she cut her hand, Daljeet asks how did she do it, Dadi says it might be because of the knife, then Palki is brought out by Dadi for the treatment so palki says they have to go to the hospital and they leave while Dadi says that Palki cannot go outside.

Mahesh comes to the door, Rakhi goes to ask him why did he not help Preeta when he considers her as his daughter and would even scold Karan if he misbehaved with Preeta, Karina also says that Mahesh is the one who can do anything as being the head of the Luthra family, Mahesh asks what do they all think that if he had the powers to do it then would he have not done it, he informs that only two people can take back the case either Shaurya who has filed the complaint or Karan because he is the owner of this firm, he informs that he is the owner of Luthra flagship but they own a lot of companies and Karan is the owner of the particular company, Rakhi is shocked hearing it.

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