Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lady constable telling Prachi that KK is in right side room. Prachi says ok, I will meet him. The Inspector looks for the pen and is about to give his own pen. Ranbir thanks him and says he will bring the pen. He goes out. Prachi is coming there and looks stunned, and then it shows that she didn’t see Ranbir as Constable is standing on the way and she had stopped to free her pallu from the table. Ranbir goes past her. She senses something and then goes to the Inspector’s cabin. Inspector says KK went out. Ranbir also senses something and looks on. There is a hit and miss again. He finds the pen.

Yug tells that if you are Sherlock Holmes then I am Dr. Watson. He says he used his brilliant mind and thought who uses CCTV camera in the kitchen. RV says people keeps the cam as it is marriage house. Yug looks for the camera. RV also searches and says there is no CCTV camera here, but he finds one and gets happy. He asks Yug to come. Monisha asks what happened? RV says real criminal will be caught. Prachi thinks why she has a feeling that he is here. Ranbir also thinks why Prachi would be here, I am thinking about her so much.

Tashu calls Prachi. Prachi apologizes to her for whatever happened? Tashu says it was just a mere accident and nothing else and asks her to forget about it, we will make everything fine. Inspector gives release papers to Ranbir and asks Constable to inform Prachi that she can go home. Ranbir hears Prachi’s name and asks if she is outside. He runs out and looks for her. Prachi tells Tashu that she had taken chunari when Police came and arrested her. Tashu asks her to go and bring it. Prachi goes out. Ranbir comes there and shouts Prachi. Poorvi and Tashu look surprised, while Prachi stops hearing her name. Constable comes and asks lady Constable Prachi to go home. Lady Constable asks when Choti Prachi will go. Constable says Inspector will tell later. Tashu asks if Inspector asked you to drop Constable Prachi. Ranbir says I will just come. He signs the document and gives it back to Inspector. They leave.

Divya asks how to take Prachi Bhabhi out. Ashok says we have done what we could do, and says Vishaka has gone to talk to Lawyer. Diya says take her out somehow. Manpreet says if bail will happen tomorrow. Ashok gets a call from Prachi’s phone. Manpreet, Divya and Diya ask him to pick the call. Ashok picks the call. Prachi tells him that she is freed as KK came with Tashu and Poorvi and got her freed. She says she will take chunari and will come to the venue, and asks them to come there.

Prachi is coming to her house when she sees her neighbor badly treating his wife for putting less salt in the food, and scolds him, reminding him about his wife’s sacrifices and selfless gestures for him. She asks the people to go as the drama is over and scolds them for not taking stand for the lady. The lady’s husband asks her to come to the house. The lady says she will come in the morning, she will stay with Prachi in the night.

Diya comes to the venue. Yug asks what she is doing here? Diya says what others didn’t do. She tells RV that she had thought that he will come to help Prachi, but he didn’t come. RV tries to clarify, when Diya tells that Prachi is freed and she came to tell this. Harleen comes and tells that Prachi is freed and says you don’t need to do anything. RV says they have to file the case again, as it is the matter of Poorvi and Priyu’s respect and that’s why he will prove their innocence. Ranbir tells Poorvi that they will drop her home. The lady Kajal tells that she will come to the marriage function with her and tells that she will help her. Prachi says ok. Poorvi comes there and asks her to take the chunari.

Tashu tells Ranbir that Priyu is like her sister, and asks him not to do this which he did for her, and says if she was not her friend then she would have thought that he loves Poorvi’s mother. Ranbir says you say anything. Tashu says you left the marriage venue to get her out. Ranbir says you say anything. Tashu sees Prachi and says my Priyu has come. Ranbir doesn’t see Prachi and sees Poorvi with Kajal. The chunari falls down. Prachi asks Tashu and Poorvi to go and says she will clean the chunari and will come, it is already late. They agree and walk towards the car. Ranbir sees Kajal and thinks Poorvi’s mother looks different from her. Ranbir gets Karthik’s call and begins talking. Poorvi looks at him.

Precap: Commissioner tells that if Poorvi is seen mixing anything in the food then she will be punished surely. RV says she will be punished when she is seen in the footage. He says she is my wife and I trust her fully. Poorvi gets emotional hearing his words for her.

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