Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th April 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th April 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th April 2024 Written Episode

Meera says she will come there whenever she desires to which even Mohan agrees, Gungun hugging Meera says she will miss her a lot, she thinks they are still becoming the neighbors of Radha even when she tried a lot however exclaims that it cannot happen even when Radha is their neighbor, Mohan taking the hand of Sargam leaves when Ketki exclaims she has forgotten their mother, Ajeet leaves with a smile when even Gungun leaves.

Radhika walking with the workers says the new neighbors just shifted here and they would have difficulty making the lunch, Mohan in the room is helping Sargam when he even asks Gungun to not make such faces but clean the room, he suddenly asks if the door bell rang but Sargam replies his ears are hearing the noise. Radhika is walking when Yug sees her from the balcony so exclaims she is so perfect that she even takes care of the house and even the business but even then she had to lie to him, he exclaims that the person due to him she lied will have to pay. Mohan hears the door bell when Gungun gets worried thinking if Radha came to their house, Mohan asks Sargam if his ears heard the noise even this time but Sargam says that someone is actually at the door. Mohan opens the door but suddenly stops and is worried, Radhika also sees Meera standing at the entrance of the house. Gungun stops Mohan saying she needs the answer to all of the questions so he cannot leave like this.

Radhika introduces herself to Meera as the new neighbor and asks if she can come inside, Meera welcomes her saying she did not think she would such nice neighbors along with the house, Kadambari hears the voice of Radha so sees her standing from the corner of her eyes, she suddenly recalls the day when Radha found out the truth about her being Guru maa an even being the killer of Tulsi, she then vowed to reveal the truth about her, kadambari thinks what she feared is about to happen and Radha has started entering their house which she did the same last time, she wonders what if Radhika leaves after taking her life so thinks she has to go away from here. Meera says Radhika has solved a lot of problems as she was about to order the food but her new neighbor hates the food from outside, Radhika replies she is feeling even better after bringing the food as there are very few people who prefer to eat the food in the house and order it from the sites, Meera mentions that the person is a very big businessman and runs it in the entire country but even then just prefers to eat the food from the house, like rice and lentils.

Mohan requests Gungun to also feel what he is thinking about when he is very stressed, Gungun says then he should make sure she goes back to Varandhwan as she does not want to stay here, he asks what would she do there alone when the entire family is here, Gungun says he should not be worried about her as she can realize he clearly is worried for the person who is not even present here.

Radhika tells Meera that she can see a weird glow in her eyes whenever she talks of her boyfriend so it is clear that she is in love with him, Meera starts smiling when Radhika asks when is she getting married, Meera says he is not her boyfriend and is talking about Mohan but they both hear the argument of Gungun and Mohan, Meera says she desired that Radhika should meet her new neighbor but as she can see that the environment is not nice in the house and there is a war between the father and daughter, Radhika asks if everything is fine when Meera informs that children in teens talk very less with their parents, Radhika replies that she can understand it as there is a conflict of interest between them especially when it relates to a daughter as the things she can tell her mother would not be same with her father, while they get frustrated when Meera replies it is not the case as she has her support, Radhika replies she did not mean it and Meera would obviously take care of her, Radhika informs she has to leave however Meera says it cannot be like this and she should at least have some sweets so goes to bring them, Kadambari while trying to move the wheelchair hits the corner of the wall and falls from it, Radhika sees her moving from the corner of the hall so immediately runs to her so she can help but just then Meera comes running asking if she is fine, Radhika then brings the wheelchair close so Meera is able to help her sit, Meera appreciates Radhika telling Maa does not like to meet with other people, Radhika asks what happened to her when Meera says she got paralyzed but used to sit as the Managing director of her own company and even took care of the house an accident changed everything, kadambari thinks of when Vishwaniyat hits her from the back with the glass vase, Radhika asks what is the incident when Meera says it si better they not talk of it as she gets worried so Radhika also agrees to it, Meera says she should wait for some time while she will drop her to the room, Meera comes back asking if Radhika would like to come and have the sweet, Radhika offers if she should give her the sweets but Meera replies it is just for her. Meera says Radhika has maintained her figure very well but she otherwise would have given her the blessings, Radhika says she would feel glad if her words become true when Radhika explains she has to leave, she says she will leave however stops seeing the Murti in the Mandir, Radhika realizes they are the same as in the Trivedi Bhawan however exclaims it is not possible as they are not the same, then Radhika asks Meera if she can correct the Murti as they are not fine to which Meera agrees explaining she does not know anything about pooja so would be able to learn.

Manan is thinking how can he learn to ride the cycle without the supporting tires as even the girls of the society have started making fun of him, he asks Yug if he can help him ride the cycle without the tires, Yug says that Manan already knows it when he informs that his mother scolded him but would not do the same with his father, Yug replies she will even scold him but he will surely help Manan once he brings the chaat for his mother.

Radhika tells Meera that Radharani is always on the left side of Ba Kai Bihari jee so she corrects it when she informs Meera would always see Radharani on the left side, Kadambari gets worried seeing her.

Mohan tells Gungun he cannot talk with her and explains she should not try to be his mother, Gungun says he has to decide if he wants to search for Radha or live with her, Mohan replies there is nothing to decide as he is the father and leaves telling Gungun to clean the room.

Meera and Radha are praying in the mandir when Mohan furiously walks down the stairs, kadambari gets worried however Mohan leaves without saying anything, Meera tries to stop but is not able to do it, Radhika asks who was it, Meera replies her new neighbor whom she thought about introducing but the mood is a bit off as he just fought with his daughter, Meera asks if she even has a daughter but Radhika replies she just has a son so leaves with Meera. Gungun thinks they both were till now in the same city but have even come to stay in the same society so she feels no one would be able to stop them both from meeting.

Radhika coming out sees Manan so says he can play with the cycle but never take off the tires because if he gets inured then would have to suffer being scolded. Radhika warns him to be careful when Mohan hears the voice so goes back however when he is not able to find anyone then exclaims he feels that he can just hear the voice of Radhika. Yug pats from behind so Mohan is shocked seeing him, Yug asks how is he so stunned when they have become neighbors, Mohan tells Yug that at this age they tend to become their children more then each other, Yug differs from Mohan saying that he still loves his wife but the way to express it changes as he brought to bring the chaat but Mohan is not able to believe it, Yug says that he has a suggestion so Mohan should even arrange a house warming party, Mohan agrees to the suggestion of Yug and says he is going to get the first invitation for it as even the meeting with his wife is due, Yug leaves when Mohan thinks that Yug is very weird, Manan hits him from the back with his cycle then Mohan asks what problem does Manan have with him as he either hits him from the cycle or makes him get hit in the head by a coconut which is thrown by his mother, Manan replies he does not have any problem but thought Mohan would have lost his memory after being hit, Mohan says he feels Manan sees a lot of things on television, then Mohan says that Manan should play out door games and make muscles like him, Manan says he also wants them however Mohan says he has to first ride the cycle without the support tires, Manan says his mother would scold them but Mohan replies he has to settle the score with his mother so starts teaching Manan how to ride it without the supporting tires, Manan comes to hug Mohan while even giving him a kiss on the cheek, Mohan assures he will make sure Manan become very strong.

Radhika while working in the house thinks of why did she feel like her own home going into the neighbors house and seeing the lady felt that she has seen her somewhere while even in the past few days she is feeling her is near her, Radhika does not know that Mohan is playing with Manan.

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