Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya calling Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi not to pick Pragya’s call as they have gone for shopping and she don’t want her to tell Maasi about Rhea. Prachi says it is a big thing and she can’t hide from her. Shahana says Rhea has already spoiled your moment and asks her to inform Pragya after Ranbir calls her. Prachi says she has to pick the call and picks it. Pragya tells that she has brought the shagun stuff and asks if her decision is wrong about Ranbir. Prachi says you can never be wrong. Pragya says then Ranbir will become my damad. Sarita behen gets happy. Pragya says we will get some more time. Aaliya thinks she can’t see Rhea’s life getting ruined. She thinks she will bring her happiness and gives to her. Doctor comes out and tells that Rhea is fine, and got consciousness. She tells that she got saved from fire and got the treatment. She is in trauma due to the fire. Abhi thanks the doctor.

Vikram tells Ranbir that Pallavi is sad as Rhea tried to commit suicide and blames Prachi for this. Ranbir says Prachi has not done any mistake. Pallavi asks him to shut up and tells that you knows Prachi now, but knows Rhea since childhood. Ranbir says that doesn’t mean that I will love her. Pallavi asks him if he never loved Rhea? Ranbir swears and says I never loved her. Pallavi says you are lying to mom and says you told that you loves Rhea. Ranbir says I didn’t tell her name to you. Pallavi says you are not lying, but Prachi is making you lie to us. Vikram says I am scared that if Prachi comes between Abhi and me. He says we regard Rhea as our own daughter. Ranbir tells that Rhea is moody and does anything. Pallavi says we have accepted Rhea as our bahu and we have decided that she will be in your life. Pallavi asks didn’t you feel pity on her and blames him, She takes him to see Rhea’s condition.

Abhi is in her car and recalls Aaliya’s words. He recalls Aaliya refusing to let Abhi meet Rhea and tells that she is just your name sake daughter. She says you will meet her when you take any action against Prachi. Abhi asks her to move from his way and goes inside. Aaliya says Prachi came in between you and you couldn’t see. Abhi goes to Rhea. Rhea asks him to ask the doctor to remove all that. Abhi says this is done for the hygiene and precaution, so that you don’t catch any infection. Rhea says sorry seeing his burnt hand. Abhi asks did you ever think about my pain. Rhea says I couldn’t think about your pain as I couldn’t come out of my pain. He asks did you ever think how will I live without you? Rhea says if she don’t get Ranbir then how she will live. She says Prachi stole Ranbir from me and tells that she is not feeling well. Abhi calls doctor and asks her to relax. Aaliya watches them and calls doctor. Rhea faints. Doctor goes to see Rhea. Aaliya asks Abhi if he is happy and says a father met her daughter and asks if a daughter met her father. She says you are selfish and went to defend yourself. Dasi asks her to talk with manners. Aaliya says Rhea fainted as she is worried about her problems. She asks did you ever think that how Rhea will love and says you didn’t say that you will get her love. She says you just don’t Ranbir. Abhi asks her to be quiet. Aaliya tells that Prachi told Rhea that her mother left her, her dad loves her (Prachi) more and she snatched Ranbir. She asks him to choose between Prachi and Rhea. She asks him to take stand against Prachi, if you really love her. She asks him to stop telling Rhea that he loves her. She says Prachi didn’t only play with Ranbir’s feelings, but your feelings too. She says Prachi made you far from your daughter and says if you was not with Rhea and was with Prachi, then Rhea would have died. Fb ends. Abhi is in the car and recalls Prachi and his conversation. He recalls saving her everytime and his words. He walks angrily towards Prachi’s house.

Mitali asks Aaliya why did she scold Abhi so much, says Rhea is his daughter, he was already worried and you troubled him more. Aaliya says what do you think that I told wrong. Mitali says this is hospital, you shouldn’t have told that. Tai ji says Mitali is right. Aaliya says Rhea is in this condition because of Prachi and tells that she don’t care about anyone. She says I love her more than Aryan and I have blood relation with her. She says my blood is boiling seeing her in this condition. She says I am not wrong. Dadi says you are right, but shall talk at the right place and time. He says you made him very angry and says you could have controlled yourself. Aaliya thinks Bhai will break his relation with Prachi today and then Ranbir will be in her control. She goes inside to meet Rhea. Pallavi brings Ranbir there and slaps him, says he shall know Rhea’s condition. Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea says where is Dad? Aaliya asks why did you take such a big step? Rhea says I am burnt, nothing is left in my life now. Pallavi says see her condition. Ranbir sees Rhea from the window pane. Pallavi blames Prachi for all this. Ranbir says I will be back. Pallavi goes behind him. Aaliya says nobody has snatched Ranbir from her. He will marry her as he still has feelings for her as a friend. Rhea says then he will marry Prachi. Aaliya says he will hate Prachi after whatever I have done. She says Bhai will also hate Prachi. She says you will get both Ranbir and Abhi’s love and says nobody can snatch them from you. Rhea asks what did you do Buji?

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    the show is getting bored plzz give it any twist

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    Instead this show go foward it going backward so fed up it not worth watching any more …

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