Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV telling Khushi that he knows that she called Armaan and said that he tried to molest her. He says whenever you tried to get closer to me, I had stopped you. He says you have called and lied to Armaan. He says you didn’t come to the mandap, but instead Police came. A fb is shown, Harleen asks RV about Khushi. RV says she must be coming. The Police comes there and arrested RV for molesting Khushi. RV says she is marrying me with her wish. Khushi comes there. RV asks her to tell Police, but she keeps quiet. Fb ends. RV says Armaan felt pity on you and married you also, but did you know what I went through, he says he and his family have suffered a lot and he had gone to jail also. Khushi says she can’t listen anymore.

Police beats up Satyendra and he confesses that Khushi is in the factory. RV says I have suffered and even my family, due to your wrong accusation. He says he died every moment in jail and every moment was like years. Poorvi calls RV. RV says Poorvi might be missing me and says today is our wedding night. Khushi says you will not do anything with her as you have no feelings for her. She says Poorvi is very innocent. RV says I had feelings for you, and you have killed my feelings. Poorvi calls RV to inform him about Khushi. RV tells Khushi that Poorvi is yearning to talk to him, and tells that she thinks him as an angel and blindly trusts him. He recalls and tells her that Police had beaten him badly, he says his family had suffered a lot. He says his elder sister’s alliance was broken, my father got heart attack, and my mother was thrown out of the temple.

A fb is shown, the ladies humiliate her and taunt Harleen and her children. RV says everyone suffered a lot and asks if you will understand and feel if I tell you, as you need a heart to feel, and says we have bear so much, and now it is my turn. He says you gave me a wound of lifetime, which will never heal. He says now girls like you will get a learning that innocent guys shall not be betrayed. He says he will take revenge for all the insult, and will do such a thing that even her soul will be shaken up. Prachi and Poorvi reach there and find RV’s car. Khushi asks if I let you ruin my sister’s life. RV asks if you will accuse me again.

Prachi and Poorvi see the white tempo there. They find the door closed. RV says I had loved a wrong girl, what is my mother’s mistake that she suffered a lot, my father got heart attack and my brothers lost their jobs, as I was in jail. He says I didn’t get even bail, I have faced humiliation and taunts from the society. He says you have ruined our respect and reputation because of you. He says then I left this city and country and worked abroad. He says I worked for 22 hours there, and wanted to earn so much money as you had left me for rich man. He says then I realized, you are nothing for me, why I will love such a girl who has ruined me, and I don’t want to see your face. He says it is your badluck, I had seen you with your mother and sister, when you was crossing the road. He says I will ruined your sister’s life. He says after seeing you there, all my wounds got greener and then I hired Satyendra and he told me that all your relations are fake. He says Satyendra was not wrong and tells that again he saw her in the market with Armaan and Poorvi. He says that day when you met with an accident. He says that day, I saw you caring for Poorvi and not Armaan. He says again I saw you with Poorvi and came to know that you loves poorvi a lot and I have to trap her to give her double pain. He says that’s why I laid trap of marriage.

Precap: RV tells Khushi that he will ruin her sister to ruin her. Poorvi and Prachi come there with the Police and sees Khushi unconsciously lying on the floor and RV standing.

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