Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Episode

Rajveer walks to the nurse saying that karan Luthra needed blood and he wants to donate it, the nurse says they want to test him so Rajveer asks the reason but the nurse replies that his son had also came to donate the blood but it had alcohol when Rajveer replies that she would not find alcohol in his blood, the nurse agrees and asks Anju to give Rajveer the blood donation form, he immediately signs but as they turn back to leave Anju stops him saying he has written the wrong name, Rajveer gets startled hearing it.

Karina sitting with Rakhi apologizes as she did not want to tell her however would feel guilty if she hides the truth, Karina reveals that karan is once again fighting for his life and it all happened due to Preeta, Rakhi suddenly wakes up when Karina requests her to lie down and then calls the doctor.

The doctor is checking Karan when the nurse says that had they not found the blood then everything would be strange but the doctor replies his life would have ended that would have left a strange mark on this hospital. The doctor says it is strange that no child had the same blood group, Rajveer replies he is also the child of Karan Luthra but does not want to donate his blood, the doctor says that Kavya does not have the same blood group while the blood of Shaurya was contaminated, the nurse points to Rajveer saying he donated the blood, the doctor calls him inside asking why did Rajveer lie about his real name, the nurse says that she heard him tell the receptionist that he does not want anyone to find out, the doctor also asks the reason when Rajveer replies he works for the Luthra’s but if anyone finds out then they would think of it as a favor which he does not want, the doctor praises Rjaveer saying it is a very good deed, Rajveer thinks Karan Luthra had a very good life partner but he did not deserve her, he leaves. The nurse tells the doctor that people tend to take credit but this boy hid the truth, the doctor says sometimes there is a back story to everything and he feels that Rajveer does not want karan Luthra or his family to find out anything and orders the nurse to change the Saline after half an hour. Karina along with Nidhi an the remaining family enter saying they heard the blood has been arranged, Nidhi not being able to control her feeling hugs the doctor. Karin asks Karan to wake up as they need to hear his voice, Nidhi also requests Karan to get fine as his children are anxiously waiting for him. The doctor assures he would get fine, Kavya asks the doctor if they can take him back home tomorrow as he does not like to stay in the hospital when the doctor agrees assuring they would allow the discharge but he says he will even hire a nurse, Kavya asks the name when the doctor refuses to say he knows anything, Karina praises the stranger.

Rajveer while walking in the corridor remembers when Nidhi said they have to keep this Preeta away from karan as she always arrives like a death sentence, Rajveer is emotional thinking of how his mother slapped him. Palki enters the hospital when she sees that Rajveer is crying and kneels against the wall, she runs to console him as he cannot control his feelings so Rajveer also hugs her tightly. Palki then looking at Rajveer wipes of the tears with her dupatta while he keeps crying so she hugs him again. Palki sits with Rajveer asking for how long will he cry as she is also in a lot of pain, Rajveer replies Maa is in pain as she cut her wrist, palki replies she talked to her and came running but then cannot see him like this, she knows he is tensed for her but he should not be tensed as she would be fine. Palki says she met Preeta je who is unconscious but the doctors gave her the medicine after which she will wake up. Rajveer says it is all his fault and how can he behave like this since he became so stubborn but how can he be like this, he says she was begging in front of him but he did not do anything and never wanted to refuse so how could he be like this, he says he could not be a good son. Palki asks him to not think like this when Rajveer says he is not a good son and boys are ready to give their life for their mother, he wanted to give happiness to his mother but he gave her pain. Palki says he has done a lot however Rjaveer is adamant he is a bad child, Palki scolds him saying he is an ideal son as every mother would feel they get a son like him, Palki mentions they all know how much Preeta je means for him as he does everything for his mother, and can risk his own life for her. Palki says he went in the fire for her when people tend to get scared for a moment, he says the love can be seen in his eyes so he should not think like this, she mentions there would be a strong reason for refusing to give the blood to karan sir but he did not tell Preeta je due to which it all happened but he is a very nice son, she says it is not her love but his truth so he is the best.

Mohit also comes behind them while Palki asks him to not cry, Mohit agrees with Palki, she asks Mohit to convince Rajveer when he thanks her, he says he is not able to do anything for Maa. Palki gets a call so Rajveer says her mother is calling and she must go back but she refuses, Rajveer says her maa would be waiting and he does not want to get hurt with him but she refuses to go back, Rajveer requests her to understand however Palki does not listen, Rajveer informs the heart of a mother is very weak and he does not want Palki to hurt her mother which is why he feels she should go back, Palki says that he is very stubborn when Rajveer replies if she does not want to move from here then must go back, she demands he would give her all the updates of Preeta je. Palki says he should not cry and curse himself because she feels that she is being humiliated, Palki assures she will come back tomorrow morning and leaves asking Mohit to take care. Rajveer tells Mohit he is very lucky to have Palki while Bhagwan gave him a mother like Preeta je, Mohit says but he always forgets his brother, Rajveer agrees so they both hug each other. Mohit says Rajveer has to stay strong for his mother so if he gets weak then how would it happen as he must be a pillar for her, Rajveer says he came with a vow to take revenge for his mother but went into the Luthra mansion where he met Badi mom, Grandfather and Kavya, he mentions when he was donating the blood then felt weird about it all, Mohit tells Rjaveer did it all in that situation however Rajveer replies Maa cut her wrist due to him, Mohit asks him to calm down.

In the morning Nidhi is working in the kitchen with Garesh saying that she just has to put black pepper and lemon, she asks Garesh to cut fresh lemon. Karina entering the kitchen asks what is she dong, Nidhi replies the doctor gave her the ingredients to make the soup so once she instructs Garesh then he will make it, Karina says she never saw her take a glass of water but she is now making soup, Nidhi says she would do everything for him so he gets better. Nidhi stops Shaurya asking if he is going to the hospital and asks if he took the fresh fruits, she then gives the lunch which she made for Rishab and Mahesh. Shaurya takes the lunch before leaving when Karina replies she is noticing how Nidhi has changed as she did not have the time for this house but now she is taking care of the entire family due to which she is very happy, Nidhi mentions life teaches everything and when she saw the condition of Karan then got really scared thinking what if something happens to karan, so she realized how this family has really taken care of her and now wants to give the same care to everyone and this is the celebration for her life, Karina praises her. Nidhi stops Garesh explaining they have to give some steam, Karina is smiling.

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