Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harman telling Harleen that RV is fine due to Poorvi, and says she is a good girl and we shall behave good with her. He says I have been observing her since a long time and all her gestures are for good. He says we shall not punish her for the past, and it was not her mistake. Harleen says she fears that she will be like Khushi, as their blood is same. Harman asks her to keep her hand on her heart and think, and says even you know that I am right. He asks her to behave well with Poorvi, as she saved our son. Harleen says I will try.

Yug comes to drop Diya to her house. Yug asks Diya, if she loves the guy whom she is marrying. Diya says yes. Yug says ok and leaves. Diya thinks why did he ask like this.

RV tells Poorvi that he is fine and asks her not to cry. He says it is ladies problem that they cry always. He asks her to fight with him. Poorvi looks at him. He asks her to sleep and sits at her bedside.

Dadi tells Dadu that the Servant has stolen in her friend’s house. Dadu says your friend’s face is like a thief. Rv comes there and asks what happened? Dadi says her bangle is stolen and she doubts her servant Renu, as she saw her going from here. Dadu says she had asked for leave. RV says he will check the CCTV footage to find the truth. He checks the CCTV truth and sees the snake charmer taking the snake and Monisha standing there. He wonders what Monisha was doing there.

Monisha tells Deepika that she will go to her house as Mom also came. Deepika asks if she is angry with her. RV comes there and says he was calling her. He asks her about the snake charmer. Monisha asks what do you mean? RV says you was speaking to him. He asks if he sent snake to our house intentionally so that it bite someone. Monisha asks what you are saying? RV shows her CCTV footage. Monisha says she doesn’t know him. RV says but you was talking to him. Monisha says he said that the snake breed is good and he will earn money using it. She says she had forgotten about him, as the snake had bitten you and Poorvi’s condition was bad. RV looks at her doubtfully.

He says ok and goes from there. Deepika asks Monisha if she has done this. Monisha nods her head. Deepika is shocked. Dadu says you have made RV busy. Dadi says it is good that my son went else I would have called Police. Dadu asks her to sit, but she refuses. He asks her not to sit. Dadi says she will sit. RV comes there and says Renu haven’t come yesterday, she was on leave. Dadu says I had given bangles to you. Dadi finds the bangles in the drawer and gets happy. RV goes from there. Dadu says you have scolded me so shall talk to me lovingly. He sees RV gone and tells Dadi that RV seems to be worried. RV thinks to find out about the snake charmer.

Poorvi asks RV not to stare her, as she gets irritated. RV says even I get irritated if you stare me. Poorvi says and you say it daily. RV asks what is the problem you have? Poorvi says she don’t like medicine’s bitter taste. RV says ok fine, and sits to stare her. Poorvi says I know that you want me to have this medicine. RV says you are not stupid and understands all, so have this medicine. Poorvi says I don’t want to spoil my taste. RV says I didn’t know that you are mad for me and does things and don’t eat medicines, so that I keep staring at you. Poorvi says no. He says you are lying. She says I am saying truth. She eats the medicine and says she is saying truth. RV says good, human shall say the truth, as truth wins. He asks her not to make him do this again, else have medicine on time, else he will stare at her and asks if she will like it. Poorvi says no. Monisha thinks they have become parrot and mayna.

Precap: RV tells Poorvi that he is going to PS to file against the snake charmer and says he might have kept snake in our house intentionally or by mistake.

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