Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Paro telling that she applied ointment so that nobody scolds her mother. Lakshmi cries and gets emotional. Paro says I know that you cry when I get hurt, and says I have applied medicine now, please don’t cry, if you cry then I will cry. Rishi holds Lakshmi as she cries. Lakshmi hugs him and cries. Aanchal, Karishma and Anushka look on. Anushka says I was telling this thing, but Malishka made my mouth closed. Karishma takes Anushka from there. Rohan is running to go out. Malishka asks where you are going? Rohan says I am going to Paro. Malishka says she is in the borewell, and says you shall not go. Rohan says when I fell down in the borewell, she saved me, I will save her. Malishka shakes him up saying he shall not go. Dadi and Avinash come there. Dadi asks Malishka how she was behaving with Rohan, Malishka says sorry. Dadi and Avinash goes out. Rohan also goes out. Karishma and Anushka come there. Karishma asks what did you do, Rohan is your son. Malishka says I was trying to stop him. Karishma says I brought Anushka here, to make her understand not to predict Lakshmi and Rishi’s union. Malishka says Rishi and Lakshmi will accuse each other and tells that Paro will die, and she will not be saved. Karishma and Anushka is shocked to see her madness. Rohan comes out and tells that he wants to go to Paro. Aanchal stops him and says there is a danger. Lakshmi asks her not to scold Rohan. Rohan says Lakshmi Maa will take care of me, and asks Lakshmi to save Paro. Lakshmi tells Aanchal that she will take him there. Rohan takes the mic and talks to Paro. Paro reminds him that she is his sister, so if anything happens to her, then he shall take care of her mother. Rishi says nothing will happen to you and asks Rohan to say. Rohan says Dad fulfills his promise always.

Karishma asks Malishka, if she has gone mad to say this for Paro, and tells that Paro is Rishi’s daughter. Malishka says she is daughter and not son. Karishma says son or daughter, it doesn’t matter, she is Rishi’s daughter, his blood. Malishka says I didn’t know that you will say this, and says you want to say that Rohan is not Rishi’s blood. Karishma says I didn’t say that. Malishka goes angrily. Aanchal asks Karishma to go out and says she will make Malishka understand.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that Rohan and Paro think him as superman, but he can’t do anything and is feeling helpless. He says he is not strong and couldn’t bear. He says Paro needs me, I couldn’t stand with her. Lakshmi says however you are, you are enough for Paro, if she talks to you, she trusts you. She says for Paro, I am an ordinary person and she has seen me weak and crying, but you are superman and strong Dad for her, and this image shall not change. Rishi says yes, Lakshmi. He says if I can get emotional for my daughter then I can become superman for my daughter and will become strong and will save her. Lakshmi asks him to talk to Paro and say that you will save her. She asks him to wipe his tears and go. He thanks her for giving him courage, for making him strong from weak and for making him superman. He thanks her and goes.

Anushka asks Malishka not to behave this way, if she does this, then she will lose everyone. She asks her to act good infront of everyone, but think bad for Paro in heart, but don’t say. She asks her to stand in the crowd, who couldn”t do anything. She says even I feel that Paro will not be saved, and tells that Paro will die and then Rishi and Lakshmi’s relation will end too. Ayush and Shalu talk to Paro. Paro closes her eyes. The rescue team officer asks where are her parents, call them. Rishi and Lakshmi come there. Rishi tells that there is nobody from her team. Lakshmi asks if she will come along with her. Neelam takes the mic and says you can put lizard on me. Shalu says I am your Maasi. Paro’s eyes are closed still.

Ayush says I will become joker. Rohan says I will talk to her. He says if you are with me, then say something else Krish will beat me so much and asks if you want him to beat me. Paro opens her eyes and asks Rohan to tell Krish that she is with him (Rohan) and if he beats him then she will not leave Krish. The team member tells that they shall send food for Paro, else she will faint. Lakshmi goes to the kitchen and packs the tiffin. Karishma comes there. Lakshmi tells that Doctor asked them to send food to Paro. Karishma says she will bring chocolates, so that she gets energy. They come out. Neelam asks Lakshmi where was she? Lakshmi says she brought food and chocolates, Bua gave so that she gets energy. The team members sent chocolate and food to Paro. Rohan asks her to eat food and chocolate. Lakshmi asks Paro to have food. Paro says she is feeling sleepy and will sleep. Rishi asks her to have the food and asks her to be strong. Ayush says I will eat chocolate and food, if you don’t want to eat. Shalu takes the mic and says if you don’t eat then Ayush Chachu will eat.

Precap: Paro asks for laddoo. Lakshmi comes to the temple and takes the laddoos. Malishka has added poison in it, and says she knew that Lakshmi will come and take this. She says Lakshmi herself will take Paro’s life. Paro is about to take the laddoo.

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