Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Rakhi brings the Thali to the pandit jee when Karina says how can the pooja be held without the Krishna of this house, meanwhile Shaurya is busy driving his car. Rishab seeks the blessing of Rakhi who explains he should keep the pooja and business meetings separate, Rishab says he always tends to take care of these things when Rakhi replies that she knows Karan used to do these things, she wonders what she is talking about as she has to go and bring Shaurya.

Rakhi opens the door of the room of Shaurya when she is shocked to see that he is not in the room, she is searching for him but then calls the mother of Shaurya. Nidhi enters the room when Rakhi questions where Shaurya is, Nidhi says there is nothing to be worried about because he is still busy enjoying his night out, Rakhi questions why she not instructed him to remain in the house but Nidhi assures he would come back very soon but in the meantime Rakhi mom should go and check the arrangements of the pooja.

Shaurya drives the car into the house, he is accompanied by three girls.

Rakhi comes with the Bhoug for the pooja when Rishab asks if she found Shaurya but she says that he is not present, Rakhi sits with Mahesh asking the Pandit jee to start the pooja, Nidhi also arrives when Rishab questions if she asked Shaurya to be present in the pooja, Nidhi says she had indeed informed him so there is nothing to be worried about, Rishab advises she should call him, Rakhi apologizes as the Krishna of this house is not present.

Shaurya reaching the door wishes everyone a happy birthday, the entire Luthra family is shocked to see him and stand up when Bani Dadi says that he had to sit in the pooja but he came home drunk, Shaurya replies that it is nothing to be worried about, Mahesh signals Rakhi who stops Shaurya saying that he is drunk and it is not right to sit in the pooja like this, Shaurya steps ahead explaining that Krishna is nothing without the Gopi, he stumbles so Nidhi rushes to help him, she calls Garesh to come and help Shaurya, they take him upstairs while the entire Luthra family is furious with Nidhi. Rakhi looks to Rishab who signals that nothing is going to happen.

Rishab calls Sandy to him, asking why he allowed Shaurya to drink so much, Sandy tries to clarify but Rishab angrily instructs him to shut up ordering that he should leave, Rishab even advises him to take these women with him. Rishab walks to Rakhi assuring everything would be fine, Rakhi looks to Nidhi thinking that if Preeta was here then Shaurya would not be like this but would have followed her ways of living, she prays if Preeta should have been alive with them today then the second Krishna of this house would also have been alive and with his entire family.

A boy rushes into the house with a box of sweets, Preeta smiling turns to see her son and even Shristhi starts smiling, pandit jee asks them to swing the Pana, all three of them start performing the ritual together, Preeta is smiling as she is with her sister and son in this ritual.

a group of boys are searching for their friend but they are not able to find them, Raju and Gagan are informed that they would be in the pooja, Preeta and Shristhi conclude the pooja with a smile on their face, Pandit jee informs that the pooja has ended so would they not give them his due right, Preeta quickly taking the money from her son gives it to the pandit jee, Shristhi then signals her to give the Parshad which Preeta takes while she starts performing the Arti, Raju and Gagan both take him, Preeta tries to stop but then says his friend once again took him, Pandit jee mentions this time the clay pot is very high.

Gagan and Raju both inform him that it is very high however he would also get money for it, the other people present there also start cheering for him as he runs to climb and break the pot.

Preeta and Shristhi rush when she asks them to stop him but Shristhi informs, he has already climbed, Preeta exclaims that she cannot understand how he behaves because he sometimes follows her every instruction while at times does not listen to anything, Shristhi says he is just like her, Preeta is not able to believe it.
Preeta covers her ear when her son breaks the pot with the coconut in his hands, it starts raining heavily so everyone runs to hide in the corner meanwhile Rudraksh is still staring at the water, Preeta says that he might fall but he manages to land with his arm and is save, Raju explains that those who climb never fall, Preeta blames he is like this because of them.

The Luthra’s are also busy performing their pooja, Rakhi prays what if their Rudra was also with them and not dead so what would he be like, either Preeta or Karan. Rudra smiles while staring at Preeta who is furious with him, but he starts enjoying the rain with his friends, Preeta and Shristhi are furious.

Gagan and Raju both praise Rajveer for how he broke the clay pot, they point towards his mother.

Shristhi holds his ear saying they warned him to not do it and he might have gotten hurt, Preeta explains he should at least listen to Shristhi because he might have fallen, Shristhi replies he indeed fell down, he requests them to not scold since everyone is watching. He picks the sweets and asks his mother (Shristhi) to not scold him and then calls Preeta as his aunt. Preeta leaves saying that she feels as if she has a connection with him. Shristhi starts crying exclaiming that he is indeed her son, but she does not remember anything, and she prays that her sister should remember everything.

Preeta goes to Rudraksh explaining there is no need to behave like this otherwise he would get punished, he says that she is the best since she always defends him when Preeta replies to it would not be like this as she will no longer be the same old aunt but will scold him if he makes any mistake. Shristhi coming explains it doesn’t feel that Preeta is scolding him at all. Rudraksh stops Shristhi to not say anything to his aunt as she always defends him, he exclaims he really loves her so can they leave. Shristhi thinks how good it would have been if they all stayed together she wonders how does Shaurya look.

Shaurya entering the bathroom washes his face and is trying to stand up but is really under the influence of alcohol.

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