Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th March 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chandini coming to room. Her mother asks her to ask them to leave. Chandini asks all snakes to go, and says they don’t need them now, she will call them if needed. Simar talks to Sandhya’s photo and says she regrets for not saving her mother. She says we can’t lose anyone after you, if such thing happens then don’t know how the family will handle themselves. She says she is restless and wants her lap and her hand on her head. She says I want your hand in my hand. She says I wish you was here, and guide me. She says Aarav ji brought two strangers home, his goodness helped them but she is feeling that something is wrong. She keeps her head on the table, and recalls havan fire setting fire just as Chandini and her mother comes. She thinks she has to find out.

Badimaa calls Simar and asks Reema if she knows where is Simar? Reema says Aarav might know. Aarav comes and calls Simar, asking for coffee. Badimaa asks if you also don’t know where is she? He says someone give me coffee. Chandini says coffee is ready, do you want to add something special in it. She opens the cupboard and makes other snake spit poison in the coffee. She says this poison will be ticket for Aarav to go up. Aarav asks for coffee. Reema says I will make. Chandini says here is your coffee. She says you was asking for coffee, so I made it. Aarav says why you took so much efforts, someone from family would have made it. He says actually I can’t start my day without coffee. He thanks her and is about to drink it. Simar comes there and makes the coffee cup falls down on the ground. Aarav gets up and asks what happened? Simar says before taking anything from anyone, you shall know the truth about the person. Badimaa asks what do you want to say. They see snake charmer coming there. Aarav says I understand your worry, but what you want to do? Simar says everyone will know everything. Badimaa asks why you called baba here early morning? Simar asks her to have patience and says everyone will know in sometime. Baba starts playing the flute. Chandini gets tensed.

Simar asks her family members to move back. Chandini starts dancing like naagin. Her mother hears the flute sound and worries for Chandini. She runs out of the room. Badimaa asks if this girl is naagin. Simar says if she is naagin then will come in real avatar and the truth will be out infront of all. Chandini’s mother comes there and thinks I go and stop her, else everyone will know that I am not blind. She pretends to be blind and calls Chandini asking for water. Simar holds her hand to stop her. Chandini falls infront of the snake charmer and asks him to play the flute, says she likes this tune since her childhood, and asks him to play it, says she will dance much. Simar goes behind Baba. Baba says she is not naagin. Simar says Chandini is naagin. Chandini says Simar thinks herself as clever, but she is not. She says let her think what she is thinking. Baba tells Simar that naagin is surely, but she might not be Chandini. Her mother asks Chandini to take milk and says she might be waiting. Chandini goes out and keeps the milk bowl. The blue naagin comes there and drinks milk. She takes humanly avatar. Simar asks what does naagin wants from us, why she didn’t come infront. Baba says we have to do havan to know about this. Baba does the havan. Simar asks what is meant by moon? Baba says Poornima night. Chandini says she tried to kill Aarav, but failed. She tells the blue snake that tomorrow is poornima night, and she shall come there to take revenge from Aarav.

Baba tells that the naagin will come tomorrow on poornima night and will take humanly avatar on the same place where her naag had died. He asks Simar to stop that naagin from entering her house in any circumstances to save her husband. Simar says she will stop her. She talks to all the family members and tell them that Baba told that Chandini is not a naagin, so may be she is genuinely in problem. Chitra asks if we are safe. Simar says no, baba said that if that snake comes to that place where her naag died, then she will take icchadhari avatar. Badimaa says she don’t have any strength to lose anyone, and tells that she miss Sandhya very much. Aarav tries to pacify her. Simar blames herself for not saving her, and says she must be upset with me, but I will not let her be upset with me anymore. She says she will protect all the family members, and will not let anyone break.

Precap: Baba tells that if moonlight falls on that naagin then she will take icchadhari avatar. Simar says she can’t take icchadhari avatar infront of us. The naagin takes icchadhari avatar. Aarav says she will not win. Simar says we, Oswals will win.

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