Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Episode

Rishab remembers when Rakhi told him and Mahesh that signatures of Karan and Mahesh are matched, and when she was at the hospital she also saw the birthmark. Her believe became true. Rishab also agreed with her and adds up that, when Prithvi tried to convince him, he didn’t believed him and thought that somebody must have done something to on their house, and when his mother and father did all the investigation everything got cleared. Rishab get hyped and goes to slap him. Rakhi stops him and says, she wants to know that why did he hide everything from them. Mahesh also agrees with her. Rakhi tells him calm down…
Rishab recalls everything and gets teared up. Rishab wipes his tears and goes the marriage ceremony.

Prithvi is eating fruits. Sherlin shows up and pats on Prithvi’s back. Sherlin tells him that he’s always eating, look at the clock it’s already 8:30, and at 9 o clock, that goon will show up. Sherlin says that knows that neither him got all the money, nor her. Sherlin gets stressed and says, nobody will even give them money. Shamu shows up with all of his friends and starts knocking on the, while calling Prithvi to open the door. Prithvi and Sherlin gets scared. Prithvi immediately hides from him. Shamu opens the door and grabs Sherlin. Shamu orders his boys to go inside and search for Prithvi. Sherlin tries to break off from Shamu. Shamu shouts Prithvi’s name and calls him outside. One of the Shamu’s boys comes out after searching the whole house, and tells Shamu that Prithvi isn’t here. Shamu tells him to search properly again, or else, he will. Shamu shouts that he’s taking Sherlin with him, and if he doesn’t return his money by 9 o’ clock he will kill her. Shamu counts till 3, and Prithvi comes out. Prithvi apologises to Shamu and says, he will return his money by 9 o’ clock, but leave Sherlin. Shamu tells him to return the money by 9 o’ clock and take his wife. Prithvi requests Shamu, but he ignores him and takes Sherlin with him. Prithvi starts tearing up and says, he got robbed.

Preeta is getting ready for the marriage. Karan passes by the door and sees her through the opening. Karan gets mesmerised after seeing and starts gazing at her. Preeta accidentally drops her ear rings and picks it up and while picking it up, she sees Karan. Karan walks upto her and firmly grabs her arm. Karan takes the earring from Preeta’s hand and helps her putting it on. Karan and Preeta starts gazing at each other.

Angali is sitting in her room and Priyanka tells her, if she doesn’t take help from Prithvi, then how will she get her love? She tells Angali if she doesn’t take any action, she will never get him. So, she advises Angali to ask Prithvi for help.

Prithvi is frustrated and holding a knife and says, even if Angali takes help from him, or not, she will have to give him money anyhow. Prithvi throws the at the wall and starts smiling.

Angali’s grandmother calls Ramesh to get the vehicle ready because they have to go to Arjun’s wedding. Angali and Priyanka comes out of their room ready for the wedding. Angali’s grandmother asks her if she’s also going to Arjun’s wedding? Angali replies, of course, she has to go because Arjun is her friend. Her grandmother tells Angali that Arjun will get happier after seeing her in the wedding, and after seeing him happy, she will also get happy. Angali’s grandmother checks Priyanka’s clothes and asks her, if she’s going to the wedding in these clothes? Priyanka replies, she not going to the wedding, because she have an important work.

Prithvi goes to Shamu’s place. Shamu’s bodyguard stops Prithvi from going inside. Prithvi tells him to leave him, or else, it will not end well. Shamu comes in and tells his bodyguard to let Prithvi in. Shamu sits in the table along with his boys. Prithvi comes in. Shamu tells everyone that he already said that Prithvi will come to take Sherlin. Everyone starts laughing. Prithvi asks Shamu, where is Sherlin? Shamu calls Sherlin to come out. Sherlin is tied onto a chair and her mouth is also tied and one of Shamu’s goon takes her out. Prithvi tries to help Sherlin with Shamu’s bodyguard stops him. Shamu tells Prithvi to give him the money first. Prithvi says that he doesn’t have 15 lakhs. Shamu is about to slap Prithvi, but he says, he got 1 crore and everyone can get it if he helps him with a plan. Shamu says that he thinks that he doesn’t love his wife. Shamu takes out a pistol and points it on Sherlin. Prithvi tries to to stop him, but Shamu shoots the gun. Prithvi gets shocked.

Pandit asks Rakhi to call the groom, so that they can start the rituals. Rakhi realises that Arjun isn’t with her. Arjun in coming downstairs and everyone starts looking at him. Rakhi asks Arjun, where was he? Arjun asks Rakhi if she’s happy with this wedding? Rakhi replies, she’s very happy with this decision and will be even more happier is he calls her “mom”. Pandit tells them to hurry up. Angali shows up and Arjun thanks her for showing up. Angali tells him that she had come. Arjun proceeds and sits with the Pandit. Rakhi calls everyone to start the wedding rituals.

Prithvi sees Sherlin is alive and asks her if she’s okay? Shamu tells Prithvi that he didn’t miss, he just gave him another chance. Prithvi gets aggressive and grabs Shamu. Shamu’s bodyguard grabs Prithvi off him. Shamu tells Prithvi that 15 lakhs isn’t anything for him, just want to set an example, so that everyone starts get sacred of him. Shamu puts the gun on Prithvi’s chest and tells him, he’s doesn’t only have powers, but he’s also intelligent. Prithvi tells Shamu to shoot him, if he can get anything from him. Prithvi insists Shamu to listen to his plan. Shamu sits down and asks him to tell his plan. Prithvi breaks off and tells Shamu, if everyone helps him, they can execute the plan. Prithvi tells everyone that he will take everyone to Luthra’s house. Shamu yells at Prithvi, and tells him that he will give all the money and nobody is going anywhere. Prithvi says that they will go there go there rob the place. Prithvi tells they are the most wealthiest family, and there’s a wedding going on there, and they can steal all the jewellery. Prithvi tells Shamu that, they can steal more 15 lakhs and asks for 25 percent from all the stolen money and goods. Shamu asks Prithvi, why will they give him 25 percent, just for this news? Prithvi says that it’s not easy to go there, he will take them inside. One of Shamu’s men says that it will be very exciting. Prithvi says, he can help them in this and asks Shamu if he wants to execute this plan? Shamu agrees with him, but he warns him if he tries to be over smart, he will shoot him. Prithvi tells Shamu to release Sherlin first. Shamu tells Prithvi that she will stay here, and nobody will disturb her. Sherlin denies. Prithvi tells Sherlin to trust him, he will help her and she will be safe here. Shamu tells his men to take Sherlin back inside. Prithvi tells her that he will take her back. Prithvi says that they will have gey few things ready.

Everyone is sitting in the puja. Pandit asks Rakhi to bring the bride. Rakhi goes to call her.

PreCap: Preeta puts the garland on Arjun’s neck. Shamu and his gang invades the wedding with firearms and everyone gets scared

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