Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2020 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2020 Written Episode

Karan is wondering what Maria confessed regarding Preeta that she will never leave karan so Maira must back out, he starts to remember the time that they had spend together, he wonders if what Maria was saying was the truth so starts to think that Preeta is innocent as she is not capable of doing anything of the sort so he runs meanwhile he bumps into a ward boy.
Janki asks Sarla why the police personal are stubborn, she explains that it is not the case as they are only fulfilling their duty, then Janki explains that it is not right as when it is the time to arrest anyone then they do it in a hurry but when it is time to release they create such problems, Sarla asks them to not worry as they are only fulfilling their duty, Sarla starts to look for an auto but Risahb pleads with her to come with him as he can drop them at their house, Sarla tries to refuse but is not left with any other option when he insists, so they all sit in the car and leave.
Karan enters the police station asking about Preeta from the constable, he explains that the inspector is questioning a criminal so will come in a few minutes, when the inspector listens to Karan’s question he explains that his sister in law was the one to file the case against Preeta and then his brother came for her release, the inspector explains that he feels there is some confusion among the family members, as he doesnot know that Risahb has left with Preeta to drop her off at her house, so he can meet them there, Karan immediately leaves.
Bi jee is with Sameer, he tries to calm her down by saying that they will come really soon, Bi jee gets up as soon as she sees the car, they all get out from the car, Bi jee hugs her, Shrishti asks Risahb how he came to know that Preeta got arrested, he explains that Sameer called him, Bi jee thanks him to which he explains that he did all this for his family and so there is no need to say thank you, Sarla asks him to come inside, but he explains that he has told a lot of lies and so will have to cover them up, they all leave and Shrishti kisses Sameer, he gets into his own thoughts of romance at which point janki has to advise him to remove the mark on his cheek.
Risahb very angrily enters the house calling Sherlin, Karina comes asking the reason as Sherlin is at her mother’s house and would stay the night there, he asks how could they do all that had happened when he was not present in the house and would have come back even if he in Canada, karina asks what he is talking about, he explains that he is talking of Preeta as how can they think of blaming her when he knows that she can never do anything of the sort, she is innocent and that is why she got her bail, she is at her house and is comfortable, he orders Sameer to pay the lawyer, Karina tries to threaten him but Risahb calls him to send the receipt.
Karan is in his room, Risahb is walking by the room and enters after seeing Karan, he asks the reason he did not go to help Preeta, he says that he is confused as when the police arrested Preeta there were witnesses and so he doesnot know what to do, Risahb asks why is he listening to the world as they would do and say anything which they want but he has to listen to his heart, Karan denies that he ever thought of Preeta but Rishab says that he was told by his lawyer that Karan went to the station so there is no need to lie, he asks karan to take care of his wife and by that he means Preeta only.
Shrishti comes with tea, Preeta asks why did she say that she talked with Karan as Risahb said that he does not know of anything, Shrishti explains that she lied as Preeta was really hopeful so she did not wanted to spoil her mood, Preeta explains that she has made a big mistake as she knows that Rishab is telling the truth a meaning that karan would be stuck in some work.
Risahb is sitting in his room wondering how much pain he saw in the eyes of the Aurora’s and so he must do all that he can to protect them as they are really nice people.
Karan reaches the room, Maira asks where he went as she wanted to say that she can face any trouble to be his wife, Karan feels uncomfortable and so leaves the room after making an excuse that he will collect her reports, Maira is aware that karan gets uncomfortable when she expresses her feelings but now everything will be alright as Preeta is no longer in their lives.
Risahb thinks hoe can he change the mentality of the people as it has created a lot of differences in the lives of the two families as before this they all lived as a single family with two separate houses so now he will do all that he can to protect the Aurora’s
Karan comes back and after opening the door mentions that Preeta has gotten her bail, she asks who was the one behind it to which he says that it was Rishab, Maira is not able to believe it and gets really nervous.

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