Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Episode

Rajveer leaves saying he has some important work, Shristhi keeps asking him about the impotent work but he leaves without saying anything, Shristhi wonders what is Rajveer trying to do as he might end up doing something which would hurt Preeta di, she feels he has gotten mad in order to take revenge from those who have hurt them a lot, she blames herself for causing it and wonders why did she tell Rajveer she has no idea what to do.

Rishab and Karan are in the meeting when the presenter explains their business has generated a lot of profit, Rishab informs Karan he does not anything of this business but if Karan wants it then he can sign it, Karan informs he ahs no interest in doing business with their company, he tries to leave asking Rishab to handle this, the presenter asks Karan what is the problem who says that the girl should properly cover herself as there are certain rules which have to be followed, Mr Ahuja explains he can clear any doubt which Karan has on their slides but he should not leave, Karan informs he was interested in taking over their company six months ago because they had a monopoly, he instructs them to once again turn on the slides and explains that out of the hundred companies working with them, fifty six companies are also working with other companies so they donot have any monopoly, Karan then explains their net profit is not adjusted with inflation implying that their company is incurring losses rather then generating profit in the present, their presentation is based on lies which he hates, he assure she would have taken care of their company if they had told the truth but they have still today lost the chance due to their lies, he asks Rishab to come as they have to leave.

Rishab with a smile on his face turns to Karan who explains he can say anything to him, Rishab sends their manager away when Rishab says that once Karan was the best cricketer in this county and is now the best business man of Mumbai, he is really proud seeing it and wonders if she was also present here. Karan angrily says that Rishab does not leave any chance to say her name, he would have fought with her questioning why did she take his son away, as if he and been here then would have surely worked in this business but Preeta took him away from the hospital, Karan explains this is all the frustration that is in him, Rishab asks him to calm down but Karan questions why does he always keep saying these things, Rishab angrily instructs him to shut up but Karan says Rishab does not have any answer to his questions, he explains if Preeta was here then all the things would have been the same, he says everyone is right to say he has really changed a lot and it is because of Preeta. Rishab questions what did he mean, he was just talking about their Mom meaning if she was here then would be really proud, Rishab questions what has gotten into him since he was about to get into the accident yesterday and today refused to take the interview of the girl just because of her name was Preeta. Rishab explains Karan himself is his biggest enemy and he questions why is Karan so affected by her name today, but they have no idea if they are even alive, the manager comes explaining that he has something important to talk with Karan sir, Rishab angrily instructs him to not interfere when they are talking, he informs Shaurya is in problem so they have to o back to the office.

Shristhi is shocked to see and asks Rajveer what is this, she asks why did he plan to go to Mumbai all of a sudden, Rajveer explains that it is time to take revenge for his mother, Shristhi questions why does he have to go back to that same city which has given them nothing but pain, Rajveer says she is just afraid of them when Shristhi mentions she is worried for him and her sister but he does not know anything when they have no one there, she questions what would he do if Preeta di once again starts getting the panic attacks there, she explains she is really worried for them. Rajveer questions who has seen their future, he asks why is she saying Mumbai is an alien city because he has vowed to make their life better and they would go there, Shristhi slaps him instructing that he would not go there but he says he would go there and those who have ruined their lives, Shristhi stops him asking what has gotten into his head because if Preeta di finds out about the truth then she would not be able to understand it the reason he is calling her as mom, even she does not have the answer to such questions, even the doctor advised them to not do anything that would cause her to suffer any mental shock, she holds her hands in front of him to not do anything that would make her suffer the same trauma as she did twenty years ago, Shristhi makes him swear on her life that he is not going to call her as Maa until she is perfectly fine.

Preeta walks down the stairs questioning what are they both talking about, Shristhi explains he is saying they have to go to Mumbai, when she works here and even they both are here, Preeta agrees with Shristhi but Rajveer mentions they just have their jobs here but the real life is in Mumbai, Shristhi refuses to go there but Rajveer insists on going there by himself, Preeta mentions she would go with him if he insists on going there, Preeta mentions if Rajveer thinks that his professional growth would be there but his mother is right to say someone should go with him, Rajveer praises Preeta who explains he has to set himself in the new city and so she asks Shristhi to also pack her bags, Preeta takes the ticket and explains that the flight is just after an hour, she agrees to pack the bags, Shristhi still refuses to go there and wonder how can she tell Preeta why Rajveer wants to go there, they both rush to pack their bags. Shristhi thinks this is her most important travel because the last time they went there, both of them found their mother and even Rakhi mom, she got her life partner in Karan. Shristhi recalls how the last time she found new relations but what is the city going to give her this time, she is glad Preeta di has lost her memory but she still remember everything because of which she cannot go there anymore, Shristhi stands up when Preeta and Rajveer come down, Shristhi advises Preeta to take care of herself and explains Rajveer has to take the responsibility of Preeta di, she says Shristhi said it wrong since Preeta has to fulfill the responsibility of Rajveer. He thinks that this is what he wants to make her remember as she is his mother. Preeta explains his mother is surely going to come after them within two days, Rajveer hugs Shristhi and then they even hug Preeta together. Preeta asks Shristhi to come to them very soon, they both leave while Shristhi is still crying.

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