Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2023 Written Episode

Rajveer walks to the window, he is constantly thinking about the moments spent with Palki and how he felt drawn towards her, he even made her wear the ring in the jewelry store, while he was not able to witness her getting engaged, he even confessed his feelings in front of Mohit. Rajveer is not able to forget thinking about how Preeta questioned him if he had feelings for Palki, and even she desired if they both could spend their lives each other, Palki informed Ketan would not like if he calls her, hearing this Rajveer gets really tensed. Preeta walking to Rajveer asks why does he have tears in his eyes, Rajveer tries to make an excuse saying he was working outside, Preeta wipes off the tears, informing she can clearly see the reason he is crying, she explains he really loves Palki and now that she is getting married, he is not able to see her go away. Preeta demands Rajveer should speak the truth, Rajveer apologizes saying he got a call from the office and was not able to handle something due to which he made some mistake, however he now knows the answer he has to give to his boss. Preeta asks if he is sure, then she asks if he would listen to one thing of her, she explains then he should give such a reply to the boss that she accepts him and his boss can clearly see his love and dedication, Preeta mentions there is one rule that applies to all, which is to always work to getting what they desire, Preeta informs Rajveer that in life they cannot get back the time which has past, along with the business or anything for that matter which has happened. She asks if he is understanding what is she is trying to say, when Rajveer informs he is trying to understand them.

Everyone is talking quietly when the elder comes questioning why are they all so quiet since this is a wedding of a Punjabi family and so there must be some dance and celebration. Preeta instructs Rajveer to go and call the drum beaters, Pandit jee enters the house apologizing for being late, Daljeet informs he should make the preparations for the ritual while they will have some celebration. Preeta once again asks Rajveer to go and call them, however the drum beaters enter the house themselves, Rajveer is however shocked to see Shaurya beating the rum, the entire family starts dancing while Shaurya is constantly beating the drum while standing in front of Rajveer. Shaurya is however left stunned seeing Palki, that he even stops beating the drums. Rajveer along with the entire family notice how Palki is staring at Shaurya and even he is not able to take his eyes off her, Rajveer also takes one of the drums which he starts beating, while Shaurya keeps standing at the door. Palki comes to the Mandap with Mahi.

Shaurya and Rajveer both keep playing the drums, Preeta gets tensed seeing them both staring angrily at each other, they both finally stop when the guests start cheering for them. Shaurya and Rajveer take off the drums.

Pandit jee starts the ritual of the wedding, after which he asks both the bride and groom to stand up for the Varmala, Ketan however stops the Pandit jee mentioning there is still some time but the Ketan says there is still some time, so he walks to Shaurya asking if he knows the family of Palki, he even apologizes for what happened. Shaurya replies he had no idea he was coming to this wedding otherwise he would have not come. Shaurya says they all know why he would not have come here, he turns to Rajveer.

Shaurya mentions he had to come that too with the boss of Ketan, he introduces the boss so Ketan welcomes him when Shaurya informs that Pandit jee was saying the time of the Varmala will pass very soon.

Rajveer goes to help Palki stand up, everyone present in the wedding feels a bit shocked by it, Ketan is also shocked seeing them both together, Rajveer is however standing beside palki seeing which Shaurya starts smiling.

Rajveer finally steps down from the Mandap. Mahi asks Daljeet what is Shaurya doing here because she knows he does not like the weddings, they both get really suspicious about his actions.

Preeta calls Shaurya who with a smile on his face goes to greet her, she asks what is he doing here when he replies that only she is happy that he came here otherwise everyone else is staring at him. Preeta says she has warned him how he always thinks negative when if he keeps thinking positive then nothing wrong will happen to him. Preeta also says he has gotten very weak but Shaurya replies that he goes to the gym daily, Preeta stops a waiter and takes the juice from him, she even takes the plate containing the sweets telling Shaurya that he has to eat them all, Shaurya after a while refuses to eat them, and the boss of Ketan also comes asking if he can take a jalebee but Preeta informs he can have them but from another plate, Gurpreet keeps calling Preeta who is busy with Shaurya, she finally leaves when Shaurya informs his friend that she cares for him like a mother.

Gurpreet asks Preeta to see how Rajveer is very sad, Preeta going to him asks if he is jealous that she is caring for Shaurya, Rajveer replies he has warned her how Shaurya is not a nice person and he is feeling Shaurya has come here due to some very odd purpose. Preeta warns him to not think wrong of Shaurya.

Pandit jee asks both the bride and groom to fulfill the ritual of Varmala, Ketan manages to make Palki wear the Varmala without any problem but when palki tries to do the same Ketan tends to always take a step back, she finally succeeds seeing which everyone starts clapping however Rajveer is really sad, seeing that palki is about to get married. Palki is also constantly noticing how Rajveer is really emotional.

Daljeet asks everyone to enjoy some refreshment since they have gotten tired, one of the guests accidentally drops the coconut but Pandit jee informs there is nothing to be worried about as they should just place another one, Mr Khurana asks Mohit to come as they have to bring another coconut.

Mahi is helping Palki go to the room when Shaurya stops them, he asks Mahi her name and says how he wishes that tonight should be the best night of her life, since today is the day she is getting married. Mahi is not able to understand anything that Shaurya is saying, he even says how they say that everything is fair in love and war, he once again wishes Palki all the best, informing that tonight even the life of Palki is about to change. Palki tells Mahi that she can go on her own and leaves, Mahi notices that Shaurya is smiling. Mahi is called by her Dadi so she leaves. Shaurya notices Rajveer staring at him. Rajveer walks to stand in front of Shaurya, they both are furious.

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