Rab Se Hai Dua 25th May 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 25th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 25th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rahat asks Dua to call Haider. He takes her phone. Hina says he wouldn’t take her call if he didn’t take my call. Hina calls from Dua’s phone. Haider sees Dua calling and takes the call. He says I can’t believe you are calling me Dua. I was so worried and I can’t even believe we are talking. I can’t apologize enough, please say something. Hina has put the call on the speaker and all hear that. Dua looks on. Hina says its me talking. Haider says why do you have Dua’s phone? is everything alright? did something happen? is my Dua okay? Hina is angry and says she is okay. Your father is leaving so come and meet him, she ends the call. Hina glares at Dua and says he didn’t take my call but Dua has trapped him in such a way that she has made him against me. She tells Dua that you will burn in hell for making my son against me. God will punish you. Rahat throws away her laddos in anger while all look on. He shouts at Hina to stop it, Haider is repenting his mistake but you are still cursing the one who was wronged? Can’t you see that your son is not even talking to you, who used to run from the otherside on your one call. If you keep doing this then you will be alone in the world. Hina says that will happen with my enemies, you are cursing me so you should be ashamed. Rahat says your son is against you, he might not even see your face in the future. Hina says stop it, you are taking Dua’s side? Rahat says you didn’t tell your son that he was wrong. I am scared that I might not want to see your face even when you die. Hina tells Dua that she must be happy hearing all that, you have made my son and my husband against me, you have burned my happiness so I will never forgive you. My kids are against me, my son doesn’t want to talk to me. You have made my family away from me, you have crossed all limits, you have destroyed my peace and happiness. Today either I die or you. All look on. She grabs her and starts strangling her. All rush to stop her but Dua keeps standing silent. Rahat pushes Hina away and slaps her hard. All are shocked. Dadi tells Hina that how dare you try to kill Dua? you have crossed all limits today. She says yes, all limits have crossed. She tells Rahat how could he raise hand on her? Rahat says you are so shameless, you are not realizing my mistake, you have lost your self respect. Don’t you dare try to harm Dua again, she is not alone her, father is with her. I am still alive and nobody can harm Dua. He tells Dua that this is her real face, you wanted me to meet her before leaving her but her heart has been poisoned. Ravi says I will drop you off. Ijaz says I will help you both. Ravi says why are you helping this much? Rahat says I will leave now, he asks Dadi to take care. Dadi blesses him. Rahat tells Dua to not be scared of anyone, I pray that this family is protected from enemies. He says goodbye and starts leaving. Hina cries and says please don’t be angry at me. Rahat says for God’s sake, stay away from me. He leaves with Ravi. Hina glares at Dua and says he left without talking to me, God will punish you for this. You have hurt a mother so I curse you. Dadi says you are still against Dua, stop blaming her for breaking your house, Rahat is right that you are following a wrong path.

Rahat is leaving the house, he tells Ravi to take care of Haider. Haider arrives there and says you are leaving without meeting me? I pray for your trip. I apologize for my mistakes, he hugs him and says I will miss you. Rahat doesn’t hug him back. He says I know you are angry at me but please bless me, he sits on his knees but Rahat starts leaving. Haider stops him and says I need my father’s blessings, he begs him. Rahat blesses him sadly and says I pray that you find the right path. He leaves from there.

Haider sees blood in the garden and thinks whose blood is that? he finds a trail and goes towards the storeroom.

The episode ends.

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