Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Episode

Arjun opens the room in which Prithvi and Shambu are hiding. Preeta starts couging because the room is very dusty. Arjun asks Preeta if she needs anymore help? Preeta tells him that she only wanted to get medicines for him. Arjun turns on his mobile’s flashlight and gives it to Preeta. Prithvi sees Preeta coming towards him and gets worried. Preeta searches for the medicines, but accidentally slips. Arjun grabs her and she starts remembering her time with Karan. Prithvi puts chloroform on his handkerchief and gets up. Shamu accidentally drops something and Prithvi hides back. Preeta says that this might be a rat. Arjun gets scared and asks, where is rat? Preeta grabs the medicine and they both leaves the room.

Rakhi goes to Arjun’s room and sees that Arjun’s not in her bedroom. Rakhi starts wondering that where is Arjun and gets worried. Arjun and Preeta comes in the room. Arjun asks Rakhi that why is she looking so worried? Rakhi starts crying and hugs Arjun. Rakhi says that she got worried that those goons might have kidnapped him. Rakhi asks him to promise that he will never go anywhere without telling her. Arjun hugs her back. Preeta also goes the Arjun and starts crying. Arjun promises that he will never leave her. Rakhi says that she loves him a lot, and cannot tolerate if he goes away. Shrishti also comes in the room and says that she got the sherwani. Rakhi tells Arjun to get ready and come downstairs. Rakhi tells Preeta to come with her and leaves the room. Preeta turns back and Arjun goes upto her and gives her the property papers. Preeta takes the papers and leaves with it. Shrishti gets awkward and leaves the sherwani with Arjun and leaves the room.

Rakhi is guiding one of the servant and Preeta shows up. Rakhi tells Preeta to freshen up and fix her make up. Shrishti also shows up. Preeta asks Shrishti if she remembers that Arjun told that he will name most of his property on her. Shrishti says, yes. Preeta gives her the papers and tells her that he did it. Shrishti reads the papers and says that she cannot do it anymore, and says that thinks Arjun is Karan. Rakhi says that she knew that she will get it one day. Shrishti asks that why isn’t he telling everything by himself. Shrishti says that Arjun really loves Preeta, and wants to marry her, that’s why, he gave his property to Preeta. Anjali eavesdrops on them and listens to everything. Rakhi also agrees with Shrishti. Preeta goes to fix her make up and Shrishti goes with her. Anjali also goes away. Rakhi thanks god for making this happen.

Shamu asks Prithvi that why is he looking so worried? Prithvi asks Shambu is he’s dumb? Prithvi tells him that they locked them inside this room, and even if they try to open the door, somebody would hear it and catch them. Prithvi says that he wanted to become billionaire by marrying Preeta. Prithvi tells Shambu that Arjun gave most of his property to her. Shamu asks Prithvi, what about Sherlin? Prithvi says that he loves her too. Police approaches to thier room and both of them hides back. Police gets inside the room and starts searching. Prithvi gets worried that police will catch him, and even if they fails to catch him, then Shamu will torture him. Prithvi decides to make police catch Shamu, and then he can live peacefully. Police is searching the whole room with flashlights. Prithvi crawls to Shambu and tells him to not tell each other’s name even if they get caught. Shambu agrees with him. Prithvu throws a copper vessel at Shambu and police catches him. Police takes Shambu with them. Prithvi starts laughing.

Anjali is crying and heads towards the balcony. Anjali remembers how Arjun that doesn’t love him. Anjali accidentally drops a flower pot down the balcony. She climbs the balcony boundary to jump off.

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