Rab Se Hai Dua 8th February 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 8th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 8th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina slaps Gazal hard and says I loved you more than Dua, gave you place in this house as my daughter but you have you proved that you don’t deserve parently love, you don’t deserve to be someone’s daughter, God will not forgive you. Dadi says insult her more. Dua is sad and tells Dadi that I am not liking Hina being hurt. Gazal thinks I have to do something. She rushes to Haider and says listen to me please. Haider says no, I have heard enough. He goes to Altaf, he says I did what I was accused off so you don’t beat me today? you insulted me so much. Haider says I am really sorry for what happened with you. Dua says anyone would have believed Gazal. Altaf says don’t apologize, you are like my brother. Haider says I am really ashamed of blaming you, please forgive me. Altaf says I want Ruhaan to be ashamed too. He goes to him and asks him to slap him if he wants to.. Dua asks him to stop it. Altaf says this family has hurt my soul, I kept saying that I am innocent but no one believe me except Dua. He hugs her and says you promised to prove me innocent so thank you for fulfilling that, he leaves. Rahat tells Dua that you got justice for an innocent person, I am proud of you. Dadi says I helped her too, the flashback shows how she brought Hina and Rahat back home in time. Haider looks at Dua and says I did a mistake by not believing you, I am sorry. She says don’t say that. Hina goes to her and says we both were wrong for not believing you, I said too much to you and even raised my hand, please forgive me. Dua hugs her. Gazal whispers to Gulnaz that Dua has to pay for all this. Gulnaz says you won’t have time to repay her, Dadi will throw you out now. She goes to Dadi and says this girl is so shameless, she blamed Altaf for no reason. Ruhaan thinks why would Gazal do that? Haider tells Gazal that I didn’t expect this from you. Dadi says this girl is a witch. No one trusted my word against this stranger. Hina tells Gazal that you could have said no if you didn’t like the guy but why did you play with our emotions? you have broken our trust. Rahat says you shouldn’t have done that. Dadi says as an elder, I am ordering to throw this Gazal out of the house. Gazal cries and says please don’t do that. Haider says just pack your bags and go. Gazal asks Hina where will I go? please don’t do that. Hina says I hurt Dua and Dadi to take a stand for you but what did you do? if you took me as your mother then you would never stoop this low, you have broken my trust. Gazal acts like crying and thinks I can’t lose so easily. She tries to rush to Haider but Dadi pushes her away and asks her to get lost. She asks Kaynaat to pack her bags. Gazal says I am not leaving this house. Dadi says this girl is so stubborn. Haider tells Gazal that she has 10 minutes to leave the house, she can’t stay here anymore. Gazal says you people are not even listening to me? She thinks what to do? she rushes to Ruhaan and asks if he wants her to leave too? Dua stands in front of her and says everyone wants you to leave the house. You can’t stay here anymore, we will prepare for you stay far away from the house, get lost from my house. Gazal tells Ruhaan that I want to hear from you too. He sadly looks at her but looks away. Gazal thinks I don’t have a choice now. Kaynaat brings her bag. Gazal says I will leave you if you all want to. She starts leaving the house. She thinks I can’t lose to Dua like this. She smirks and says this is injustice. I will leave the house but you should ask me first why I lied and accused Altaf? All look on.

Precap: Gazal says in front of everyone, I love you Ruhaan. Ruhaan says to her, what did you say? Gazal says to him same thing you wanted to listen and I wanted to say to you, they can throw me out of house but cannot throw you out of my heart, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Dua, I have already told her everything.

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