Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal 28th March 2018 Written Update

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal 28th March 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal 28th March 2018 Written Episode

The episode starts with padma acting to get surprised seeing Panjiri and Prarthana there. Panjiri asks her to come home and says Kunti is going to faint. Kanhaiya, Pratibha, Pari and Prema stop a man from calling and redial the number. Prema talks in French. Pari takes the call and says happy holi. Pratibha calls and tells that Padma wants to send some precious thing to them, takes the address. Kanhaiya says it is Meerut’s address. Prema and pratibha tell that they will go there.

Panjiri, Prarthana and Padma come home. They see Kunti about to faint. Prarthana asks her to end the mannat and tells that they caught Padma. Kunti asks her to tell truth. Kanhaiya says bahus will bring the truth. Prema,Pari and panjiri return home. Prema says proofs need to be shown. Pratibha brings a boy who is dressed up as Kanhaiya. Padma says he is ours…Kanhaiya sits in shock. Padma says my Gopal…and hugs him.

Kunti asks who is he? Pratibha says he is Padma’s son. Kunti asks from where did the boy come. Padma says he is our son. Kunti asks what you are saying. Padma says he is my son. Kanhaiya says she is lying.

Padma says first she wanted to make place in the house and then would have got Gopal home. She tells Kanhaiya that he is his blood. Padma says my son is the heir. Kanhaiya says she is lying. Pratap asks Gopal to touch Kunti’s leg. Kunti refuses to let him Everyone is tensed. Kanhaiya goes.

Kunti comes to Kanhaiya’s room and asks him to fold his pajama Gopal is seen with his pajama folded and sleeping.

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