Kyun Rishton Main Katti Batti 21st June 2021 Written Update

Kyun Rishton Main Katti Batti 21st June 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Kyun Rishton Main Katti Batti 21st June 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kuldeep drags samaira and shoves her in front of Shubhra. He says you didn’t want any clarification from me right? SHe will give you, apologize and tell you the truth. Samaira laughs and says I will apologize to her? Sam will apologize Shubhra? Never. Shubhra says I don’t want more drama. I don’t want any apology from you or her. Leave me alone. Kuldeep holds her hand and stops her. Samaira holds his hand and says you will leave my hand and hold hers? You will bring me down for her? I have been seeing, you find reasons to go near her and touch her. Is this a new way? Samaira gets what she wants. I am not the type that will forgive you for everything. You hurt me and I took the revenge. You all think I am a liar but I said the truth this time. Truth my lord, your son is a mental case and Harsh is a mental people’s doctor. Why did you lie miss truth? Did I ruin your plan to make Rishi’s doctor his papa?

Shubhra slaps her. Shubhra says if you dare to call my son mental again, I will slap you harder. Samaira says you slapped me? She tries to slap her back but Kuldeep holds her hand. He says don’t dare to hit my wife again. Samaira says, wife? Damn it. You left her and came to me. Wow. I am loving it. Falling back in love? Congrats on getting your ex-husband back. You used his kids to get him back. Why can’t I use Chadha’s kids to get him? Shubhra says his kids? Excuse me. They are my kids as well. No one can use them. Kid isn’t used, I love them. I am their mother. You are not even a woman. You want to use a kids’ weakness to get this man? Take him I don’t want him. Don’t hurt my child. Because of people like you, parents don’t take their kids to a therapist. Samaira is about to slap her again. Shubhra holds and twists her hand. She says enough. Don’t dare to do this again. You wrecked my house, I didn’t say anything. You tried to spoil Roli, I stayed silent. You thought my silence was my weakness, miss atrociously arrogant Samaira. Now you see what this weak-looking woman can do. This is my last warning. If anything happens to your kids I won’t even let you live.

Samaira says what happened to him? He didn’t come under the car and die? Kuldeep shoves her and is about to slap her. He says you don’t even deserve my slap. Samaria says what was your wroth when you came to me? You left this woman to come to me. For me, you left her. Then why are you taking this rejected woman’s side? She’s wife no. 0. Why are you trying to be a hero? You were zero without you me and you still are. You will hit me? Leave me? Go leave me. I set you free. How will you go? All the wheels of your life are given by me? How will you go? In the car? It’s mine. Where will you go? Mumbai? That house is mine. What will you do? Business? It’s mine. You don’t even have yourself that’s yours. Kuldeep says I was waiting for this only. This is your reality. What do you want to buy with your money? Love? Love isn’t a stock market share. You can’t buy and sell it. He gives her the phone, car keys, and wallet back. He says and yes this.. He returns his ring. Kuldeep says I returning you everything you purchased me with. Samaira is about to slap him… He holds her hand and says if you cross your limit now, you will see the real Kuldeep Chadha. Samaira says you will regret this, remember. She leaves.

Kuldeep comes to Shubhra. Shubhra says please Kuldeep, I request you. If you have any memories left of us or if you have any feelings for the kids, please go from here. And take Samaira as well. I don’t want kids to get more hurt. Specially Rishi. Please, she came here because of you. If you go, she will leave as well. Please. Kuldeep nods and leaves.

Scene 2
Samaira is angry in her room. Phirki says didi.. What happened? Kuldeep comes in. Samaira says what has happened to you? Have you gone crazy. He says what a lovely choice of words. My son is crazy. I am crazy. If we are all crazy, you’re the biggest crazy in the world. Samaira says I accept, I made a mistake. Kuldeep packs his bags. Samaira is shocked. She says where are you going? She takes out his stuff. Samaira says what are you doing? Why are you packing? He says don’t touch me. If I stay with a selfish, revengeful, and mean woman like you I would suffocate. Samaira says no, I won’t let you go. You can’t leave me. Kuldeep says I have left you already. And the proof is this ring. Now no one can stop me. Everyone recognized you but I was blind in love. I made the mistake. I was blinded and for you.. I left Shubhra. My kids. He cries. Kuldeep says how stupid of me right? But now I can see everything. I know love and Samaira can’t go together. Hate and Samaira are a perfect match. And that’s how it should be. Alright? Goodbye. Samaira holds him and says no Chadha.. Samaira cries and says please don’t leave me. He shoves her and leaves. Kuldeep says enough is enough. I am the reason of all the pain my family went through and you’re responsible for all the mistakes I made. Kuldeep is leaving with his luggage. She screams at Kuldeep in the corridor come here or you don’t know what I will do. Before you leave, see me leaving. I am leaving. She picks a knife and slits her wrist. Phirki screams.. Samaira faints. Phirki screams to Kuldeep Samaira slit her wrists. Please come in. Kuldeep rushes into the room.

Episode ends.

Precap-Narain wakes up in distress. He says Madhura.. Where did Rishi go? They look for Rishi everywhere. They come to Shubhra’s room and ask if he’s there? Shubhra says no. Narain says where did he go? He isn’t in our room either.

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