Lag Jaa Gale 8th May 2023 Written Update

Lag Jaa Gale 8th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Lag Jaa Gale 8th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kiran refusing to make Pooja as her bahu, due to Rachna. She says if Rachna is having such bad values, and doubts for Pooja’s values. Yash says Pooja is not like her. Kiran asks Sulochana if she is happy that her daughter is doing as she taught her. Sulochana slaps Rachna and asks how shays you should be happy with Pooja’s happiness. Jagdish blames Sulochana for her bad values which she gave to Rachna and Neeti. Rachna says even I have right to be happy. Jagdish says still you don’t have any regrets and goes. Kiran refuses to accept Pooja. Jagdish comes there and tells Kiran that they have done mistake, but they can try not to do mistake in future. He says if you don’t like this alliance then even I don’t like. Ishani asks him not to do this with Pooja because of her. Shiv says Yash loves Pooja a lot and asks him to think about them. Jagdish says evee can do this after knowing Pooja and Yash love each other. She brings her home and slaps Rachna. She sn Ishu loves you a lot and says what happens. Yash says I love Pooja a lot. Jagdish takes Pooja from there. Shiv tries to talk to Kiran. Ishani asks him to talk to him later.

Yash cries and says first Maa and now Jagdish uncle. Randeep says we will find ways to convince him. Ishani comes there and says sorry to Ishani for not believing him. Yash says I am worried about Pooja. Ishani says I will talk to her. Randeep says here Bua is not agreeing and there Jagdish uncle. Meena appreciates Kiran for throwing Pooja out, and says Yash is very innocent and says the sisters are planning to trap Yash. She says we have already lost Aniket, if Pooja comes here then she will ruin yash’s life. Tina tells Bobby that she is thinking about Yash and Pooja. Bobby tells Tina that they are lucky, and tells that Yash and Pooja shall be united as they love each other. Tina says Mom has her own reasons to refuse. Yash and pooja think about each other. Yash calls Pooja. Pooja picks the call and says Yash. Yash says when I saw you for the first time, it was love at first sight and says I will live and die with you. He says it is better to die rather than living without her, he says no life no stress. Pooja calls Ishani, but her phone is switched off. Pooja comes to Dhoopar’s house and asks Ishani where is Yash? Shiv asks what happened? Pooja says Yash called and said that if he don’t get me then he will do something to himself. They rush to his room and finds him drunk and sitting on the floor. Shiv makes him lie on the bed. Pooja feels bad seeing him and says thank god, he is fine. Shiv says I will talk to Maa. Ishani says I will talk to baba. Shiv says Pooja, it is late night and says he will drop her. Ishani says I will come with you. Pooja comes home and cries. Jagdish sees her crying and says I saw who has come to drop you. Pooja tells that I had gone there for Yash, being worried for him. Jagdish says I can’t see the same thing happening with you. Pooja says I will do as you say.

Shiv and Ishani return home. Shiv says his neck is paining due to driving. Ishani says she will massage him. He says he will get it done tomorrow. Ishani applies ointment and massages his neck. She asks him to rest.

Next morning, Yash calls Pooja, but she disconnects the call. He sends her message, but she doesn’t reply to him. He gets worried and tells Kiran that Pooja is not talking to him due to her. Kiran says if you will talk to your mother this way, due to a girl. Yash says she is not like any other girl. Ishani asks him not to talk to his mother like this. Kiran tells Ishani that she has no right to speak between them and says she will never accept her. She says she will not accept Kulkarni sisters. Shiv says no maa, this time Ishani is`not wrong.

Precap:Kiran asks if this is the way to talk to your mother like this. Yash says her name is Pooja. Kiran says if you marry her then will see my dead face. Shiv tells Ishani that they are together in Yash and Pooja’s matter, but that doesn’t mean that they are together, and says they still hate each other.

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