Lajwanti 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Lajwanti 30th November 2015 Written Update by Rimjhim

Lajwanti 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder and lajo get on their joruney that seems like an exile. But she is sure that she wont let it happen much and that their story shall carve its own destiny, and this SITA shall not stay for 14 years in exile with her RAM. They walk ahead.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Sunder and lajo arrive at the temple. They take shelter in the temple, due to gunwanti, and profusely thanks her, for this help, while she apologises for not being able to get them to stay at home, and then invites them in the evening saying that baba has hosted a diwali maha arti. He leaves, entrusting lajo with gunwanti as her responsibility which she happily agrees to, so that he can look for their new settlement and get everything back on track. Gunwanti tells her that she did wonderfully at murad’s place. lajo says that the foreigners have to be thwarted off, and then indirectly taunts when pierce comes in the locality, and is angry that his men didnt do their designated jobs. the women are amused as they hear lajo’s sneaky comments. Gunwanti then tells lajo to stay inside, for sunder’s sake while she invites others for the Maha Arti. She leaves, while lajo goes in.

A peer baba drapes in blanket comes by the stairs of the temple, begging for food. lajo decides to give him some prashad and then rushes in and gets some food out. She is about to step down the stairs, but then stops abruptly. She remembers gunwanti telling her not to step outside the boundary, that sunder drew and asked her not to cross at any limit. she stops, and asks the baba to cime and collect it as she wont step outside. He has a sharp stomach ache, and lajo gets tensed and rushes out of the boundary, without as much as thinking, and tells him that he has a possible sprain in the waist and needs to be treated rightaway. As she steps out, the goon imposing as a peer baba, takes off the blanket and guffaws loudly, and scaring her, he holds her hand and drags her along with him. She is apalled as she cries and screams but in vain.

Scene 3:
Location: Pierce’s Office
The stranger grapples lajo under his control. then he brings her to pierce, who orders her to be locked into a dark cellar. she is apalled and horrified, while they have a good laugh. They throw her into a dark cellar, where she is locked. She overhears his plotting trying to incite war between the two communities, by murdering Murad Ali and kishori Lal. She tries to escape but isnt able to. he then gets Shankar and the muslim activist to undertake the job of killing murad and kishori respectively, and they readily comply and leave, after he gives them the required ammunition and rifles too. She also hears Goddess Laxmi, the cow’s sounds and is overjoyed. she finds a rope and tries to tie the rope with laxmi’s neck, and then ties the other end to the window, so that when the cow moves, the strength also takes off the window from its bars, and she can escape. as she waits in anticipation, she finally succeeds and lajo rushes out.

Scene 4:
Location: Temple
Meanwhile, Baba starts the arti, while all come and pray along with murad and kishori too, with the opposite religion men pointing rifles at them from a height. Kishori and murad together do the arti, while sunder is pleased. gunwanti comes and is unable to find lajo and tells this to him. He is shocked and tensed and runs around to search for her.

When lajo comes and sunder finds her, he rushes to her, and then asks her where was she as they all had been terribly scared and tensed. she tells them of the imminent attack. Sunder is shocked to hear this. finally, shankar and the other man fires off. Kishiori and murad get hit and they fall on the floor, while others are shocked. They attend to him hurriedly and lajo finds blood gushing out. Kishori points somewhere. A commotion ensues, and everybody runs away creating a pile of dust. kishori drops back. Sunder then finds a hand pulled cart and takes them both.

Scene 5:
Location: Sunder’s residence
At home, granny knows about kishoi’s absence and they are all tensed and wonder what happend. barnes comes in with his men and they are shocked. He says that he is awared an order to investigate this placxe, as kishori has been accused of murder and inciting religious riots. They are shocked. Sunder’s brother comes and tries to argue that kishori can never do this but gets slapped in return. they are all shocked, barnes and his men take over them, when they stand helplessly.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
meanwhile, sunder and lajo wheel them out, with their pulses getting weaker. they are shocked to find that the person who tried to kill them, is still following them. Lajo and sunder wheel them out, after he somehow manages to overpower the criminal, and rush away. he says that they need instant medical care. She asks him not to take them to the hospiral as he is at risk and his life stands endangered. They wonder what to do. She says that there’s a place that she knows of. The screen freezes on her determined face as he stands boggled.

Precap: The ladies are humiliated, as they are tied in ropes, and made to parade and dragged on the roads, by barnes and his men, who eye everyone victoriously. they are paraded and then tortured. Later, shankar comes and tell pierce and barnes, by whispering regarding the latest info.

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