Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th November 2015 Written Update by KK

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Media lines up outside police station and waits for Rahul’s arrival. When he comes, they question him about the truth. Was he with any girl? If so, then who was she. Does he have any relationship with him. Or he gave her money to give testimony in his favor. Hearing all this Rahul gets angry at them. Police take him inside.

Now Rahul changes his statement that he was alone in studio, but he didn’t do this accident. Police inform him that they found a ring from his car. They ask if he knows whose ring that is. Rahul stays quiet. Other hand, Shaaleen searches for his ring. Nisha hopes he didn’t leave that in car. Rahul changes his statement once again and accepts that he did the accident. Soon Raj comes with his lawyer and is shocked to know about Rahul’s statement. Raj fights, but Rahul asks him to leave. Raj says he knows Rahul is lying. Even if he did the accident, he would have helped those people instead running away. Upmanyu enters and Raj is shocked again to know he is the only eye witness. Upmanyu says this time he won’t be able to use his money to buy the witness. Raj gets mad and threatens him as well. Upmanyu asks police they should arrest Raj too. Rahul tells his dad that he has given his statement and asks him to leave now. Raj says he will go to police commissioner, but won’t let Rahul stay there. He leaves.

Maanvi comes to the police station and finds out from her dad about Rahul’s statement. She is confused why he’s accepting the crime that he never did. Upmanyu doesn’t let her speak and asks her to concentrate on her engagement. He takes her from there and leaves.

Raj returns home and informs his family about Rahul’s statement. Nisha is happy while Shaaleen feels bad.

Maanvi is getting restless and leaves to go to police station. She asks him why he’s lying when he was with her. She will give testimony. Rahul tells her that she doesn’t need to interfere in his matters. He knows what he’s doing. She says she won’t let him get punished for crime that he never did. He asks who she is to him. She doesn’t need to worry about him. She says the person who filed this complaint is none other than her father. He’s shocked. She says when he finds out his mistake, he won’t be able to live. So she’s doing this for her dad. He remembers her father filed complaint against him before as well. He asks her what their problem is with him. He says she must have lied to his family and came here this late and asks her to leave. If media sees her, then they will print any news. She says she doesn’t care. He says she just told him about her engagement. She should be enjoying that instead being here. She says he won’t tell them anything, but she will. He grabs her and says she won’t say anything. A constable comes and tells her time is over.

Maanvi thinks she will give testimony. She goes to police inspector and says she was with him. Police laugh and say many girls before her said same thing, but he has accepted himself and he won’t be able to save this time. Along with that, they have ring as proof. Maanvi asks what ring? She sees it on a table. Police takes it away. Maanvi recalls that Rahul doesn’t wear any ring. This means accident is done by person whose ring is that.

Shaaleen is not able to sleep in night. Nisha asks what happened to him. Shaaleen says Rahul is lying to save him. He loves him so much. He can’t let this happen to him. When Raj comes, he will tell him everything. Nisha tries to stop him and says this is the chance to prove himself. He can sing on stage in place of Rahul. But Shaaleen gets up and leaves.

Precap: Nisha asks Maanvi who she is. Maanvi says she came to meet Rahul. Police released him right. Rahul reads some papers and says she refused to sing with him every time. Now he won’t give her any chance to refuse..he will never sing with her.

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