Lakshmi Narayan 4th July 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 4th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Rishi asks Narayan to remove Lakshmi’s memories of him and her powers, he blesses her. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will be a good father and will fulfil all her wishes, he leaves from there. Lakshmi cries and says I cursed Rishi in my anger so I should pay for this, I have to be punished by leaving you and forgetting you. Narayan hugs her and says I will still remember and will go through the pain of being separated but I accept it for the greater good. We will meet again but its time to be separated, Lakshmi cries. He says our love will never end, this is a test but think about reuniting. She says what about your pain? I will forget us but how will you live without me? without your Lakshmi. He says I will live with your love.

Rishi tells Shukar and Kavya that Lakshmi is going to be here soon. Kavya asks what is he planning? He says I am going to control Lakshmi’s life, I would never let her reunite with Narayan and that will be my revenge on them. Aditi comes there and says this is great. We are join to forces to rule the world. Shukar says our unity will make Narayan and Lakshmi separated.

Lakshmi tells Narayan that they will be separated soon but we should go to Vekunt in our last moments together. He says no, its time for you to leave. I will have your memories in my heart, she says okay, you will have to remember our love for the both of us, he nods. She starts leaving him, they both sadly look at each other. She tells him to come soon and make her his again. He says I will come to be with you soon. She leaves from there. Narayan says we will reunite soon. He touches the path that Lakshmi left.

Kavya gets pregnant and gives birth to Lakshmi by Narayan’s blessings. Rishi says my daughter Lakshmi is here.

Aditi tells Mahabali that Narayan has lost Lakshmi and soon he will lose all his powers.

Rishi looks at his daughter Lakshmi and smiles. He recalls his promise to raise her well and says she will called Bhargavi. Shukar says looking at her has made me forget about my mission and revenge. Rishi says plan for her wedding. I am going to get her married to King Vasu to separate her from Narayan forever. He is never going to get her back as she will be with someone else.

Devshi tells Narayan that Rishi is going to get Lakshmi married to someone else, please do something for your love. Your wife is going to be with someone else. Narayan is sad hearing that.

Aditi asks Shukar if he has met the groom Rishi chose for Lakshmi? He says no, he will be here soon. A young prince Vasu arrives there, Rishi says I have chosen him for her. They start their wedding rituals.

The episode ends.

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