Suhagan Chudail 4th July 2024 Written Update

Suhagan Chudail 4th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Suhagan Chudail 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Moksh gets ready for the wedding. Nishi says I will get my 16th Jewel today and I will become the most powerful suhagan chudail. She comes to the hall. Josna says we need to do arti. Nishi gets scared. Josna starts the arti. Birju comes there and screams she’s a witch. She will kill you. The arti falls. Nishi gets happy. Nishi leaves the house. Deya comes there. She looks for everyone. She asks the servants. They say we can’t tell you. You’re doing black magic on the house. Please go from here. Birju sees Deya. He screams for help. he says please save Moksh. You’re his wife. You married him when we were kids. Dont you remember? I heard that by talking to her cat. he will kill Moksh tonight. Deya cries and asks how do I save Moksh. She cries and says please help me save Moksh God. I don’t even have my locket.

Deya finds Hari’s bag. She finds some stuff in it. She opens a trunk and finds a paper with a note for her. She can defeat the witch. Deya gets ready. she says I will either defeat her or die and go to my parents today.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to the Kaal temple. They are weirded out. Visiter says welcome to our family temple. Josna says it feels weird. Vishter says it’s ages old. Nishi comes there. Deya looks around for the auto. She goes to the temple. Nishi lights up the fore. Everyoen is shocked to see the fireworks. Vishter says this is how we remember our elders. Nishi comes there. deya looks for the temple.

Moksh comes near Deya. Visiter brings black roses. Rachna says why black roses? he says it will protect them from the evil eye. Nishi and moksh make each other wear the garlands. Everyoen claps. Visiter says to Nishi we have to do pheras as a chudail. She says no one would be able to see my real face. Deya runs in the desert. Nishi does magic on everyone. Their eyes freeze. They don’t see Nishi’s real face. Moksh holds Nishi’s hand. The pooja starts. Juhi says I feel so suffocated here. DEya prays that she finds Moksh. She says where are you Moksh? Please tell me. She looks around.

Deya finds the temple. Deya says I have to take pheras with Moksh before her so she can’t marry Moksh. Deya lights haven as well. Visiter ties Nishi and Moksh’s knot. Deya drops smoke inside. Everyone coughs. Nishi asks who can do this. Visiter says my powers are getting weak. You can’t leave the temple without getting married. Nishi looks around. Nishi asks pandit to start the pheras. Deya says I’ve to stop the pheras. Nishi says I will be your wife but for a night. She starts taking the pheras. She stands in front. Deya comes and ties her knot with Moksh from the back. She takes the pheras with moksh. Deya says I will always protect you. There is more smoke. No one can see inside. The pheras are complete.

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