Lakshmi Narayan 4th June 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 4th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 4th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Narayan says he is going to drink up the poison to save the world. All are worried. Narayan is about to drink the poison but Mahadev arrives there and stops him. He says I had a mission to come here, I am your friend and its my duty to help you. I am here to help you, why do you have to protect the world alone? Give me the poison, I will drink it. All look on. Narayan says I can’t let you do that, you told me that Manthan won’t succeed but I still went ahead with it. Mahadev says you have done more than enough, your turtle form is already in pain so let me share your pain. Narayan says I can’t put you in danger like that. Mahadev says its my duty to support my friends, give it to me. Sagar says when Mahadev drinks it then he will be finished, Narayan will be responsible for his end. Mahadev tells Narayan to not stop him. Sagar tells Lakshmi that Narayan is destroying everything. Lakshmi shouts that its you who is destroying everything because of your rage. Mahadev starts drinking the poison. Sagar tells Lakshmi that his heart is filled with rage because he lost his son but how could Narayan let Mahadev drink the poison when he is responsible for peace of the world? Mahadev is in pain while drinking the poison but Narayan doesn’t stop him. Lakshmi tells Sagar that Mahadev can’t be beaten that easily and his friend Narayan is with him. Mahadev’s body is filled up with poison. Narayan says I might not be able to stop him but someone else can. He calls Mata Shakti to come and support Mahadev. Shakti arrives there and grabs him as he drinks up the poison. She soothes his pain as he smiles at her dizzyingly. Devshi says her love cut the strength of poison. Mahadev tells Narayan that he had to help him. Devshi says Mahadev is still weak. Narayan says he saved the world and we can do his jal abhishek to soothe him. Shakti does Mahadev’s jal abhishek. Shakti tells everyone that Mahadev is okay now, she tells Narayan that he started jal abhishek ritual today and it will continue in the world. Whenever anyone does that, Shiv and Shakti will ease up their pain.

Lakshmi tells Sagar that Narayan solved the poison issue, you still have time to choose love before you lose everything to your rage.

The episode ends.

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