Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th July 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvijay coming to Vaiju. She says I didn’t know that the poetry was meant to be printed on the card, you can change it. He says it was really good, Jaya and I liked it, I m getting angry but I don’t know how to handle this. She says I have promised you, nobody will know what happened in Jhumri Patan. Jaya hears this and asks what happened there. Vaiju and Ranvijay worry. She makes a story. She says he gets angry when I talk about this. Ranvijay asks Jaya to take rest. He takes Jaya. He asks her to have food. Jaya says I can’t have khichdi, I would have asked Aai to make something for me. Ranvijay says I will make it for you. She says you can just boil eggs. He says I will make tasty food, then you have to kiss the chef’s hands. He goes to cook the food.

Vaiju hears the sound and goes to check. She sees Ranvijay in the kitchen. He asks what are you doing here. She asks what are you doing. He says I have come to make food. She asks shall I help. He says no need. She says fine, do it yourself. He cuts onions and cries. She laughs. He says you don’t know cooking. She says I can make Raita, its Jaya’s fav. He says its okay, we will make it, its Jaya’s fav, where is curd. She says it will be in fridge. He makes the curd cucumber Raita. She makes the Jowar rotis. She gets some coconut water. He takes the food for Jaya. Jaya gets delighted to see the lovely set up. He says I hope you like it. He asks her to come.

She says its very beautiful. They like the food. Ranvijay recalls Vaiju’s rotis. Jaya says you have cheated me, you didn’t make this Roti, Vaiju made it, she used to make such Rotis for Raja, you had to make the food. He recalls his words to Vaiju. Vaiju comes there. Ranvijay says you are right, challenge was for me, Vaiju’s contribution is cheating, but you eat this Raita, I have made it. Jaya tastes it and says its very tasty. They smile. He says it means I won the challenge, then complete the condition. Jaya says I don’t remember. He hugs her. Vaiju looks on. She gets sad. She drops the glass. They turn and see her. Vaiju says sorry, I got coconut water.

Jaya says its okay, don’t get tense, I will clean it, wait, you aren’t wearing slippers. Ranvijay scolds Vaiju. Its morning, Vaiju prays. She goes out and hears Sulekha. She says you watch serials a lot, so your mind is working like that, I will show you something good. She shows Jaya’s friends’ video. She says don’t think you are doing a favor on Jaya, she is Ranvijay’s choice and this house’s bahu like you. Jaikant gets angry. Vaiju goes. Naagraj says Sulekha, you should have not told that about Jaya, Vaiju felt bad. She asks him to leave. Vaiju makes Jaya ready. She recalls Ranvijay’s words and cries. Jaya asks the reason. Vaiju says forget the past and think about future. Ranvijay smiles seeing Jaya coming. Vasundara makes her wear bangles and says you are now our bahu. She calls Vaiju to come ahead. She makes Vaiju sit. She gives shagun to Vaiju also.

Ranvijay asks why. Vasundara says she will also wear new clothes in engagement. He asks why will she come, there is always a big drama, I was just making sure that rasams should happen well. Jaya says my sister will be with me in the wedding functions. Vaiju says he is right, I shouldn’t be here. Jaya says I want you to stay back. Vasundara asks Vaiju to accept the saree. Ranvijay shows the project to Jaya and says I felt this is the only way to keep you close in tough times. Jaya cries and says I love you, I promise, I will never leave you and go. He gives her a gift. She sees a mobile phone. She says thanks, but its not needed, Vaiju and I are sharing the same phone. He says no, you don’t need to share anything with Vaiju. Vaiju splashes water on the ground. A girl comes there.

Ranvijay and Jaya come for their engagement. Vaiju gets sad. Hamari adhuri kahani…. Plays… The ring falls and goes to Vaiju. Vaiju picks it. He makes Jaya wear the ring.

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