Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10th July 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Aman calls Bhagyashree and gives her a good news that Rajat won the award. Bhagyashree rejoices, calls whole family, and gives him good news while performing garba. Lucky goes to get sweets. Tara says Mamta is lucky for Rajat, he got an award as soon she entered his life. Rajat holding his award looks at Ashika and recalls Harsh winning award, Ashika congratulating him, Rajat showing his gratitude towards Rajat for inviting him for the award ceremony, and Harsh asking Ashika if she is happy with her husband’s happiness. Out of flashback, Rajat gives credit of his success to his wife Ashika Thakkar. Savi is surprised to know that. Mamta continues her live social media footage and tries to interact with shimmer silk girl Ashika, but Ashika ignores her.

Tara watches Mamta’s footage, calls her and reveals that Ashika is Rajat’s ex-wife and Sai’s mother, she shouldn’t befriend her sautan. Mamta says peach dress wearing Ashika has already gone. Sai hears that and starts searching for his mother, asking everyone wearing peach dress if she is her mamma. Harsh gets upset after losing the award, calls his aide Chitra, scolds her if she did such kind of setup with jury, and asks her to bring her jury friend to his room. Savi notices Sai missing and ask Mamta where is Sai. Mamta says must have gone to washroom. Savi asks if she sent a small girl alone. Mamta asks who is she to question, warns her to mind her own business, and gets busy again recording live footage. Harsh storms into his room and questions Ashika why Rajat gave credit of his award to her. Ashika asks how does she know, he shall go and ask Rajat. Harsh shouts how could Rajat win the award even after setting. Reporters interview Rajat and ask how is he feeling after winning such a big award. Rajat says he feels good, but this is just the beginning and there is a long way to go. Another reporter asks why did he give credit to this award to wife while he is already separated from him. Rajat says his wife taught him to be greedy, he was a happy man with bear minimum, but his wife taught him that money is everything and not love, etc.

Chitra brings jury member to Harsh’s room. Harsh shouts how could he lose and Rajat win even after their setting. They say that they aren’t the only members in jury, Rajat has become a big fish now and giving him a tough competition with his hard work, even he should work hard if he wants to win the award next year. Harsh yells at them to get out. They walk away saying it’s good Harsh lost. Harsh blames Ashika for everything. Ashika says she left her husband and daughter for him and he is blaming her instead, he shouldn’t force her to think that she did a mistake by choosing him. She leaves his room. Sai gets stuck in a room searching for her mamma. Savi searches for Sai and finds her locked in a room. Sai pleads her to get out of the room.

Savi finds the door locked. Sai says it’s dark here and frightening. Savi realises that she is having a panic attack, slips her sari pallo via the door gap, and asks her to hold it. She keeps Sai busy in talk, then calls hotel reception and gets the door opened. Sai runs and hugs her emotionally. Hotel staff says they say it right that a mother can’t see her child in trouble, she got emotional seeing their bonding. Savi asks Sai what was she doing in this room. Sai says she was searching for her mummy. Savi asks if her mummy is here. Rajat walks in shouting that there is no mummy here and warns Savi to stop brainwashing his daughter. Savi warns him to behave with her and says while he was busy getting an award, Sai got stuck in a room for long; he should have checked his daughter’s condition instead of shouting at her. Rajat true to his nature shouts shut up, his mother is right that she is trying to steal his daughter as she herself can’t bear a child, she got engaged and should concentrate on her life and stay away from his family and daughter. He takes Sai from there.

Shashank walks to Savi and asks if she is fine, what was Mr Thakkar talking about. Savi says nothing, let’s go from here. Reporter asks Harsh how is she feeling after losing the award for the first time. Harsh notices Rajat passing by and asks them to wait for a minute. He walks to Rajat. Reporters surround them. Harsh says more than losing an award, he is happy for his ex-employee and his maid, he mentored Rajat, etc. He continues to humiliate Rajat and announces that he has thrown a party for Rajat tonight. His aide Chitra asks Rajat if he will attend the party. Rajat says no. Chitra asks if that’s because Harsh is dating Rajat’s ex-wife. Harsh takes Rajat aside and asks him to say yes if he doesn’t want any humiliation, what is a big deal if his ex is dating him. Reporters ask Rajat if he will attend the party. Rajat says yes and walks away.

Chitra tells Harsh that she knows what is he up to. Harsh says he was disappointed with her earlier for not getting him an award, but now he is impressed. She says he is a rogue. He says thank you. Ashika gets emotional seeing Sai getting into car with Rajat and leaving. Harsh stops her and asks if she forgot him, is she angry on him. She asks if she shouldn’t. He says she shouldn’t as a surprise is waiting for her at home. Se says the way he behaved with her, she deserves a good surprise. He says it would be marvelous.

Precap: Savi walks towards Rajat’s house worried for Sai. Heavily drunk Rajat accuses her of trying to enter his house and life via Sai, pins her to a wall, gives her money, and asks her if she still wants to have a relationship with him. He falls on her, leaving her in shock.

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