Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th June 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvijay getting Vaiju to the police station. Vaiju comes in. Everyone looks on. Vaiju says I want to withdraw my complaint. Vasundara gets freed. She hugs Ranvijay. Rao Sahab asks did you have a change of heart. Vaiju says I saw truth in your son’s eyes. Vasundara stops her and thanks. She says my son will drop you home. Ranvijay and Vaiju leave. He recalls everything. She asks can’t we make a new start by forgetting everything.

He stops the car and shouts at her. He says I can never forget what my mum has faced because of you, she has forgiven you, its her nature, she is an ideal lady, you just deserve hatred, just go away. He leaves. She gets sad. Vasundara comes home. Rao Sahab says don’t know how Ranvijay convinced Vaiju, why did you send him to drop her home. Naagraj says they don’t deserve it. Jaikant says yes, its time we teach a lesson to her, I will force them to leave the village.

Vasundara shouts stop. She says Vaiju took a tough test of our family, I know what to do next, I have to get her in this house. Vaiju comes home and gets sad. Aai talks to her. Vaiju says my mind got clear now. Kaveri asks what happened to Vaiju. Vasundara says Vaiju will become our bahu. Rao Sahab and everyone are shocked. Vasundara says Ranvijay’s wife…. Vaiju thinks of Ranvijay. She tries to wipe off his number from her hand. Her hand bleeds. Saleem stops her and asks what are you doing. Vaiju cries. Rao Sahab asks did you go mad, Vaiju can’t become a part of this family. Jaikant asks how can you think so, you want to make that girl my Bhabhi. Rao Sahab asks did you ask your son, he can never like an ordinary village girl. Vasundara says Vaiju has made me restless, she has challenged me.

She understands Vaiju’s behavior. She says she is fearless, she challenged me in front of the entire village, she worries for her sister and also saved an innocent girl’s life, she fights without getting scared of the outcome, she loves animals as a mother, she heard my son’s word when he said it with love, not everyone can accept her. Rao Sahab says I never understood your thinking and decisions, you don’t worry for me, I don’t care, did you think what will Ranvijay think, Vaiju can never become our bahu. Ranvijay calls Jaya. He says finally Aai has come out of the jail, I m in peace, I will tell Aai about you soon, you also convince your sister. She says I will try my best. He ends the call.

Vasundara gets Ranvijay’s proposal for Vaiju. Jaya is shocked seeing Ranvijay’s pic.

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