Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sachin arguing with Paresh on Tejas’ matter. He says I will get money from Tejas first. Sayali says we shouldn’t behave bad if someone behaves badly with us, else what will be the difference between them and us, Paresh has come here to pray, you aren’t letting him do this. Sachin says don’t talk in between. Aaji says you won’t say a word here, come. Aaji meets the pandit and says I came to give Tejas’ wedding card. Sachin jokes. Aaji says there was some problem in his wedding before. Pandit says don’t worry, it will happen well now. They do the puja. Paresh gives the first card to Aaji. Aaji blesses him.

Aaji and Paresh ask Sachin and Sayali to go and see the temple. Riya and Akash bump into each other. They argue. She says you should be in jail. He says right, you were going to the jail for hit and run. She asks him to return her money. He leaves. Sachin says Tejas is selfish. Sayali says I know, Paresh and Renu want this marriage to happen. Sachin says I want him to return 27 lakhs to me and then marry. She asks him to break the coconut and give it to her to eat. He gives it to her. She eats it. She asks him to eat. He likes it.

Paresh and Aaji smile seeing them happy. He says Sachin has changes in him. Aaji says don’t worry, Sayali is sensible, she will change him completely. Paresh says I know Tejas made a mistake and you have beaten him. Sachin says I wanted to beat him more, he has no good qualities in him. Paresh says I don’t want any drama in Tejas’ marriage, we are family, don’t get angry, Tejas got punished for his mistake, we can’t get back from our duty.

He says Sayali, I know you are angry on Tejas, don’t forget you are the eldest bahu of the house, I want you both to support this marriage and do your duty, who else do I have. Sachin says you want us to support you, I want 27 lakhs, else… Sayali says you always talk about money, parents want the children to get married, you always remind Paresh about it and hurt him, Tejas got fooled and lost the money. She taunts Sachin on his drinking habit. She says don’t worry, Kaka, we are with you. Paresh smiles.

Sayali says I m angry on Tejas even now, but I can forget this for your sake, your happiness means a lot to me. Aaji says Paresh, you have a good bahu, don’t worry, you got a diamond. She asks Sachin to stop worrying. Paresh says I m sure there won’t be any problem in Tejas’ marriage, I have to go home, Renu can’t handle things alone. Sachin says take me along. Aaji says no, you have to stay here with me. Sachin says I will drop dad to bus stand. Paresh asks why, don’t I know the way, I will go on own. He goes. Sachin and Sayali argue. She asks him to come home, else she will complain to Aaji. He goes.

Shanti says I have served the food, I m going home, I will come tomorrow. She goes. Aaji asks Sayali to have food with Sachin. Sachin says old people should have food on time. She says you mean I m old. He says no, you are young. She asks Sayali to sit beside Sachin and have food. Aaji shows the food dishes to Sachin. He says all these are the same. Sayali smiles. Aaji thinks Sayali knows, husband and wife can come together by eating these dishes. Sachin says you used to say we shouldn’t eat these things at night. Aaji says you were a kid that time, you have become young now. She asks Sayali to serve the food. Sachin asks why are you smiling. Sayali says nothing. Sachin jokes. They eat the food. Roshni and Vidya check some sarees alone. Roshni’s mum calls her. Roshni asks what’s the urgent thing. Her mum asks her to talk to Krish. Roshni doesn’t talk and ends the call. Her mum says we will talk to her tomorrow. She asks him to have food. Vidya says you could have spoken to Krish for some time. Roshni says no. She cries. She says I love Krish and want good for him. Vidya says he has no one except you. Aaji asks Sachin not to go outside. Sachin says I will go and meet my friend. Aaji asks him to go and sleep. He says let me go out and have a fresh air. She says no need, go to your room, I m also sleepy, I m tired. He goes to his room. Aaji says I m going to sleep. She gives a milk glass to Sayali and says have this milk and make Sachin drink it too. Sayali says he won’t listen. Aaji says you control him now. Sayali jokes. Aaji laughs and asks her to go.

She prays Sayali gets happy. Sayali asks Sachin to have the milk, Aaji has sent it. Sachin says I don’t want to have it, I already ate a lot. He looks for the mat. Sayali says I don’t know about it. He goes to ask Aaji. She smiles. He asks Aaji about the mat. Aaji asks why. He says I want to sleep. She says maybe some neighbor took it, why do you need the mat, there is a bed, go and sleep. Sachin goes.

She says when will he understand all this, he needs some sense. Sayali smiles. Its morning, Paresh and everyone meet Roshni and Vidya. Paresh says we want to invite your dad, give his phone number, I will call him. Roshni worries. She says I will send you the number. She sends a number. Vidya looks at her. Roshni smiles. Paresh calls the number and says its not reachable. Roshni says I don’t know where is he, you can give this invite to me. Renu gives the invite to her. Roshni thinks I don’t care if my truth comes out in front of anyone.

Sachin and Sayali are on the way on some hilly area. They come to the temple. Sachin says marriage is a mistake.

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