Maati Se Bandhi Dor 8th June 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 8th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 8th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vaiju seeing Ranvijay’s pic and sleeping. Kaveri looks on. Rao Sahab comes to Ranvijay and asks do you like someone. Ranvijay tells him about Jaya. Rao Sahab says it’s a good thing that you have chosen someone, why didn’t you tell this to Vasundara. Ranvijay says I was going to tell her but she told about Vaiju. Rao Sahab says I know the pain of losing love because of family pressure, you go to Vasundara and tell her, you don’t want to marry Vaiju, I m with you, I don’t want you to marry a wrong person and ruin your life. Ranvijay says I will talk to mum in the morning. Its morning, Vaiju gets ready. Kaveri says don’t go to the field today, I m not well, my stomach is hurting so much. Vaiju says you are acting. She opens the door and sees Jaya. They all get happy meeting Jaya.

Jaya says I have come after a long time, I m very hungry, I want to have food. Aai goes to buy some veggies. Jaya says we will make Vaiju say yes for marrying the picture guy. Vasundara is in the Darbar. Ranvijay comes and hears the case. She asks him to give his opinion. Ranvijay greets them and says forgive me if you think its wrong, you should ask your daughter about her consent, parents want children’s betterment, but your daughter has a right to decide, I think even mum will agree with this. Vasundara says no, I don’t agree with you. She smiles.

Vaiju says I don’t agree with you, you should have not come by leaving your studies. Jaya says I have reached this point of life because of you, you are the most imp. Vaiju says I m lucky to have you, but your coming will go waste, my decision is final. Jaya tries to convince her to marry. Kaveri says Vaiju likes this guy. Jaya says I also feel, Vaiju loves this guy. Kaveri says yes, Saleem told me, Vaiju was happy seeing the pic. Vaiju thinks of Ranvijay. Kaveri asks why do you keep his pic under the pillow and sleep. Jaya says it means you love him. She hugs Vaiju.

Vaiju says everyone has a dream to have a big house, field and family, but everyone doesn’t get everything they want. Jaya says but I got a good sister. Vasundara says arranged marriage or love marriage, its not a problem, parents take the decision of children’s marriage because of their experience and maturity, I want you to decide it well. The people leave. Ranvijay says relation should have love in it. Vasundara says you don’t agree with me, do you love someone. He says actually…. There is a girl, I m sorry if I have hurt your heart, say something, scold me. She smiles.

Jaya says you answer me, if that picture guy comes here, then what will you do. Vaiju imagines Ranvijay. Jaya asks what will you answer if he proposes you. Vaiju says I will say yes, but he didn’t say yes. Vasundara says I have seen Vaiju’s character and qualities, you both will be perfect for each other, sometimes one feels love because of beauty and looks, but I have given you the right values to take the right decision for yourself, I feel Vaiju is right for you, you and that girl love each other, I would like to meet that girl, I want to see your happiness. Ranvijay smiles and hugs her. He thanks her. She asks when will you make me meet her. He says I will call her right away, you will also like her a lot. Jaya asks Kaveri and Vaiju to show the picture. Vaiju refuses. Kaveri gets the pic and gives to Jaya. Ranvijay calls Jaya. She doesn’t see his call. Jaya gets shocked seeing his pic. She cries. Kaveri says he has stolen Vaiju’s heart. Vaiju goes to check Jaya’s phone. Jaya takes the phone and says its my professor’s call. She takes the call.

He says I m very happy, I told Aai about you, she is ready to meet you, come here and impress her. Jaya says I m busy, I will call you later. Vaiju looks at her.

Ranvijay meets Vaiju. She makes tea for him. She asks will you accept me. Ranvijay gets shocked seeing Jaya.

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