Parineetii 8th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 8th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 8th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Pari tells Rakesh that she doesn’t like him, why is he behind her? I belong to Sanju and will remain his. Rakesh says then you will have to die. Daljeet comes there and saves her. Pari pushes him away and runs from there with him.

Sanju comes to the mandir and the priest gives him sacred item to protect him. He asks him to get some bangles, takes the Lord’s blessings and give it to the girl he wants as his partner. He thinks to get it for Pari.

Sanju tells Neeti that their marriage will be canceled, he loves Pari and wants to be with her. Neeti says I also didn’t want to marry you, its good that it was canceled, he nods and leaves. Neeti thinks Pari has to die. Daljeet calls Neeti and says Pari is with me, I am taking her to the cliff and will push her from there. Neeti says I will come there and see her die myself. She ends the call. Rakesh comes there and beats him up. Daljeet says I came here to kill Pari. She will never be yours, she hates you and if she lives then you will never have peace. Just kill her before you become an uncle of her and Sanju’s baby. Rakesh stops beating him and says you are right. Daljeet says she doesn’t like you. Rakesh says I won’t let you kill Pari on Neeti’s saying. Pari comes there and hears all that, she runs from there. Daljeet and Rakesh run behind her.

Pari enters the mandir and Daljeet follows her with Rakesh. Rakesh says I know you won’t be mine so I can’t see you with Sanju, you have to die. Daljeet says your mother was attacked by Neeti also. Its your time now. Daljeet and Rakesh are about to grab her but she hits them and takes Mata’s Trishula. She beats them up with it and runs from there.

Rakesh and Daljeet are looking around for Pari. Neeti comes there and says you let her run away? Rakesh and Daljeet blame each other. Neeti says you both are fools. We don’t have much time, we have to find her before she goes to Sanju. She tells Daljeet that her truth shouldn’t come out at any cost.

Pari is walking in the jungle, Daljeet hides and sees her. Pari finds him and asks how much money Neeti gave him to buy him? Daljeet says I am not that cheap. Pari says why you want to kill me then? Daljeet says I am doing this for my own, I don’t like Sanju but I can’t kill him. If you are alive then he will marry you, you both will have a baby and my foolish mother will give property to you both. I can’t let that happen. He tries to attack her but Pari throws dust at him and runs away.

Sanju comes to Pami and says he will take Mata’s blessings with Pari. He says I told Neeti that he doesn’t want to marry her, he loves Pari only. Neeti was also fine.

Pari enters the mandira area and looks around for Sanju.

Rakesh finds Sanju in the mandir and points a gun at him, he says I am going to kill him today. Pari comes there and sees that.

The episode ends.

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