Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 9th April 2020 Written Update

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 9th April 2020 Written Update by Amena

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 9th April 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gandhari showing some yoga moves to Maharaj. He falls down. Sanjay comes there. Maharaj asks what’s the problem. Sanjay says I have constipation. Maharaj asks him to do yoga with them. Sanjay joins them and falls down. Maharaj jokes on Shakuni. Albert is with the Daasis. Mandakani comes there. Albert asks for money. Mandakani jokes on her and laughs, calling her Daasi. Guard makes Albert away. Albert says I will not sit quiet, racism will be there, why is it about favoring rich people. He says I have a dream, so that a king’s son plays with the Daasi’s daughter, the people should be known by talent, we will get freedom from exploitation and Mandakani. Everyone claps for him. Albert says we will take freedom.

Sunaina acts in front of Senapati. He says your voice is sweet. She thanks him. He takes the guards to the village. Sanjay meets them. Senapati and Sanjay see Albert and Daasis protesting. Sanjay takes the matter to Maharaj. He explains about the protest. Maharaj says Shakuni is just like Shani. Suryabhan comes there with his Senapati. Maharaj falls down the stairs and hugs Suryabhan. Sanjay claps. Suryabhan asks are you ready. Maharaj says I get ready and come to the Darbar. Suryabhan asks who is the wrestler for Malyudh. Senapati says I should get this good luck, I will be pleased to defeat the other opponent. He laughs. Suryabhan calls him foolish. He says the wrestler is there. He shows the huge built wrestler.

Senapati gets shocked. He goes to his soldiers. He says I m sorry, I can’t take part in Malyudh, one of you will be fighting, one who comes ahead will be going for the battle. No one comes forward. He counts again. All the soldiers get back. He sees Sunaina standing infront. She looks around. Sanjay says you got a chance to avoid the Malyudh. She says I m not a coward, I will fight the Malyudh. She rehearses with Sanjay. Shakuni and Sanjay come to meet the wrestler who is practicing with his fellow mates. Sanjay says I have come to meet the wrestler, I m your big devotee. The man warns him. Sanjay hits Shakuni to show his power not working right. The man shows hitting right by hitting on Shakuni’s head. Sanjay hits Shakuni again and laughs. Shakuni faints. Sanjay tries to bribe the man. Shakuni asks the man not to listen to Sanjay. He gets hit on his head once again.

Sanjay guides Maharaj in the Malyudh. Maharaj hits Suryabhan and makes him fall down.


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