Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sada says how can you trust him? He was going so he would lie. Ranjit says he is here and he will accept this in front of court and expose your reality. When he accused you before my dad stood for you. And what you did in return? You played animosity only. Whats was our fault? What was your husband’s fault? You took his friend and made him weak? You broke his heart. You started this hatred. Because of you dad and gurwaksh had a war. In that war Gurwaksh died. He is not with us because of you. Sada says no please stop. You are right. Every word you said is true. I shook hands with sahib and started all this. I became reason for this. I am responsible for all this. I was blind for power. THere is no pardon for my son. I request you please don’t tell Mehtab about this.
SHe can’t take it. Please she will be heart broken. Ranjit says you can never understand. If you had understood all this before we won’t be alone. Look at yourself. You are that sada kaur who taught her daughter sword fighting. You are sada who stood against Nidhan. You wisdom is your power. Don’t ruin yourself. Sada says there is nothing in me. Ranjit says we live for our people. I won’t let you ruin. I want to give you a chance. Sada says after all this.. Ranjit says because I don’t want to lose a wise person like you. Your thoughts will be used positively. To solve problems. Train women. be with me. I want to be your son.

Sada says you are great. History will remember you. Ranjit says you have to decide what history will remember you as. She says from this moment I promise you, I will consider you son. You made a mother. I will stand by you. I will help you in your dream to unite Punjab. Kill me if I don’t.
Mehtab comes there and says what happened mom? Sada says nothing. Ranjit says she was talking to her son. Sada says lets go. She leaves.
Mehtab says what did you say to my mom? ranjit says she was upset because you will be married. Mehtba says don’t dream. He says this is not a dream. You see dreams. You can’t hide your emotions. Mehtab goes from there.

Scene 2
Two men are brought to jai’s palace. They are fighting for funds. Mehtab and Sada are leaving. Raj says we can’t stop them. You are not married to her yet.
Ranjit goes to darbar. The men are presented to him. Dal says our funds have not reached out to people. Ranjit says how is that possible. The man says I gave all the funds to him. There are no funds left and nothing was worked. Now he says I never gave him anything. Ratan says he didn’t give me a penny. I don’t know when he left. This is all a story. Lakshamn says I went for yatra. How can I lie. Rajit says do you have any proof or witness of giving him money. Lakshman says no one was there. Ranjit says you are lying. Ratan is right.
Lakshman says I was there. Therre were only trees there. We ate under a tree. That tree can’t be witness. Ranjit says that tree is witness. The tree will be presented in court for witnessing. Lakshman says how? Rnajit says it will be a witness for you. Go and tell that tree that you want justice.

Precap-Raj tells Ranjit about Kohinoor and how Afghan took it from them. Ranjit says we will send Zaman to his land and take our Kohinoor back from them.

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